Egbura Music title Ano_Onya_Omayin by Jibril Onutu Egbura Ft Mudely Coming_Soon


Two popular Egbura Musician Jibril Onutu Egbura and Mudely, set to released collaboration single hit title "Ano Onya Omayin"

Jibril Onutu Egbura, disclosed this on his facebook fan page "Jibril Onutu Egbura Fan page", this evening 30th of January 2020.

According to the Egbura Music Star,

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"The Duo of
Jibril Onutu Egbura
comes up with
yet another single collaboration, titled

Ano_Onya_Omayin_Coming_Soon" said Jibril Onutu Egbura.

Jibril Onutu Egbura, is a talented Egbura Musician, which have use his music talent to called for unity among Egbura ethnic, and promotion of Egbura cultures.

One of his most hit track is Ozegbura Zegbura Ohi, (which mean Egbura children should marry each other so that they can speak Egbura).

On this track he ponder on how Egbura language is gradually going into extinction, because many of Egbura don't believed in their tribes.

Enjoy the music Bellow

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