Esan North East LG Council Chairman Okoibhole's of Edo assault his PA and injured with bottle on his head



The Esan North East Local Government Council Chairman, Hon. Augustine Okoibhole has allegedly assaulted his personal assistant, and Injure him on his head with Bootle.

Benedict Igberaese who give the report, disclosed that has been the habitat of the council chairman.

He said he was once victims, he said in his case, the council chairman threatened him with thugs.

"The pictures below are that of Augustine Okoibhole's principal Personal Assistant as Esan North East LG council chairman he was seriously assaulted and injured with bottle on his head by the council boss as u can see.

The case had been reported to uromi divisional police station, we are calling on the good people of Nigeria to ask Augustine Okoibhole to resign now and face the law because a street fighter and a looter can not remain our LG Chairman who is now a life threatening to the good people of Esan North East LGA, the assaulted PA had been silent with money and threaten him not to continue with the already reported case to the Nigeria police.
This was the same way I was threaten with thugs and every other things by the council boss after assaulted Me in his house which I also reported to the Nigeria police and Edo State Assembly.
I want the whole world to tell us where in this country had this happy before and yet Edo state house Assembly had not seen anything wrong with the council boss." Benedict Igberaese

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