Re:The Bassa Complained about The situation in Katakpa and the position of Bassa Community, Another Crisis Agenda by Bassa




Re: The Bassa Complained about The situation in Katakpa and the position of Bassa Community. Another Bassa antagonistic crises agenda, please Bassa enough is enough Toto must be crises free. The Concern Egbura Community both domestically and Diaspora wish to remind the Bassa Community on the following veracity factors.
The Brave and most intelligent communities of all over the world, had already acquired their territorial Base in line with their historical background of land owners, right from millions of years back before 1999 oppressive military Edict No. 4 and 2019 Executive order No. 7. On which the Bassa are relying to mischievously redirect History. Unlike the Bassa Community that relied and capitalized on their Bassa leaders, who are expart in deluding the Government by Blackmailing the Egbura Community who are known with genune Historical background of their ancestoral land of Opanda Kingdom, owned and full masterfull control since the period of 11 century A.D.
The Government promulgation of selfish oppressive Kangaroo Jungle military Edict No. 4 of 1999, that created out of non base Controversial Turunku Chiefdom from the great Opanda Kingdom of Kwararafa (APA) Kingdom Entity, was completely impregnated with high degree of illegality creating legality, which resulted to extreme unconstitutional maladministrative shenanigans. On the forgoing the Egbura Community vehemently objected to such injustice and oppression of the people who are with Authentic Historical record (The Egbura).
AZMAN RICE MIL LS AND FARMS LIMITED The Bassa Complaint about the gigantic project of the above organization, to be sited at Katakpa environment was a confirmation of the Bassa Treacherous mentality, sabotage to the meaningful development of Toto Local Government Area. Beside the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with trinity blessing of the state Government, AZMAN firm LTD and the Umaisha Community Leaders, for the establishment of Rice Projects which is extremely fantastic and utmost appropriate, as the Government and the investors, recognized the supreme importance of the Katakpa Historical veracity of the owners being the Egburas, Unlike the Bassas that are in the dark.
On rightful thought there is no any oppressive organ that can cede Katakpa to any lawlessness community of Bassa under any circumstances, as Bassa who do not know their Historical background, as such the environment of Katakpa and Katakpa Village remain in Opanda Kingdom, nothing can change that history.
Therefore the Military Edict No. 4 of 1999, the Executive order No. 7 and legal Notice No. 2 of 2019 are all bunch of illegality, unacceptable by the people of Egbura race in Historical Opanda Kingdom.
The Bassa Leaders and their people always constitute a great obstacle and setback to the progress and development of Toto Local Government Area.
There is no way one can own a land without History. It is based on that regard and consideration, that it is not important to seek for the Bassa views on the AZMAN Project in Katakpa Area.
It is note worthy that the Bassa sent themselves to conditional exile of April 2018. In line with their Historical Exile background.
The History line of Bassa is full of Exile records of movement, right from Komo of Gobir Historic Hausa Sate, where the Bassa were subject to the Hausas, along the line the Sokoto Jihad of 19 century into the Hausa territory sent Bassa out of their Environment, of komo which was the commencement of Bassa movement in to Exile as refugees. It was in that procedure the leaders of Egburas of Igu-Kotonkarfe and Opanda Kingdoms, sympathetically accepted the Bassa as refugees in their Kingdoms Territorial Bases. So Exile is one of the Historical background and hobby of the Bassa. The present exile is not the Bassa first exile movement, so Bassa should check their record of migrational movement existence which have no historical record of hegemonial bases as people.
As such Bassa must think in line with progress and development in the entire Egbura land, and not otherwise as AZMAN RICE MILLS AND FARMS LIMITED, must Exist for the progress of the entire people of Toto Local Government Area, Nasarawa State and Nigeria in General. The Egbura and other progressive people alike in Toto Local Government Area are congratulating Nasarawa State Government for initiating the industrialization of Nasarawa State, they are sincerely grateful to the Executive Governor His Excellency Engr. A. A. Sule.
The record Analysis of the Bassa migration to various Exile ground as refugees can be briefly stated, thus the Bassa started migration movement in to Exile from Komo within Birning Gobir of Hausa State of the present, political zone of Nigeria Northwest, where Bassa were subject of the Hausas.
The Bassa Exile was due to the Jihad declaration of Sheik Usman Danfodio in 1804. That displaced and destroyed their Base due to their inhumanity activities of which even their historic fore father could not retrack them back to Komo area.
That position compelled the Bassa to be in perpetual Exile as refugees commencing their movement through Kotongora, as the Bassa continues with their unholy behavious, Umaru Nagwamatse the Magajin Kotongora known as (Dodon Gwari) brother to Usman Danfodio sent Bassa parking from Kotongora.
When the Bassa were driven out of Kotongora, they moved on exile to NUPE Land, when the NUPE People discovered indecency in Bassa behariours the NUPE couldn’t manage them in their Land of decency and discipline, thus the great NUPE Leaders and the Jihadists sent the Bassa’s packing under urgent circumstances.
In addition to the Exile record of Bassa after moving out of NUPE Land, they proceeded to the great Egbura Nation area of OKENE Territory, where the Bassa migrant refugees were settled at INAGAZI in the present ADABI Local Government Area of Kogi State. Later the Bassa were driven out of OKENE Land (again) in to Exile due to their hypocritical attitude toward their hosts whereby Bassa connived with the enemies of Great Egbira (Ebira) Land.
This is one of the reason the Egbira (Ebira) of OKENE Land waged AJINE-OMO war against the Bassa and moved them out of OKENE Territorial Boundry during the 19th Century Sokoto Jihadists incursion into the confluence of Niger and the Benue.
In the Itenary Exile movement of the Bassa refugees from Okene (Lately) to another Egbura Big Brothers Land of IGU-(KOTONKARFE) beside River Niger, was during the reign of HRH OHIMEGE ALI GADANGA (Agaba Idu) who accepted the Bassa out of humanity and sympathy, without any connection or consanguinity of any sort. The History has revealed that in all the Areas the Bassa migrated to settle, as Exile refugees, they were terribly driven away with hostility because of their bad attitudes, especially the Bassa Riot of 1914 against their host, the Egbura of IGU-(Kotonkarfe) Kingdom as evidence shown reflecting on owoze grave at IGU-KOTON KARFE TOWN. Owoze was the Bassa Leader that rose against the great Leaders of Egbura that hosted them, in Igu (Kototonkarfe) in that Episode, the Owoze the Gang Leader of the Bassa was crushed.
The abashed issue of Bassa claiming of Nation in the great Egbura Land, was (and still) due to their ungrateful and hyperactivities attitude towards their rulling host, the OHIMEGE of IGU-(KOTONKARFE) Agabaidu in 1914. That dubious practice and atrocity compelled the Egbura Leaders including the OHIMEGE of IGU-KOTONKARFE, to moved the Bassa out of their territorial Boundary.
It was on that episode astonishingly the Bassa Community again ran in to the great OPANDA KINGDOM, of the same Egbura Land, as Exile refugees they sought for refuge under HRH the OHIMEGE IKUTEPA of OPANDA KINGDOM (Agabaidu). The Ohimege Agabaidu accepted them unconditionaly out of sympathy, being in line with Egbura Leaders usual humanism attitude, as part of Egbura cultural heritage to be Good and kind, especially to the helpless and the Bassa Efugees.
On the Ohimege of Opanda acceptance of Bassa, he gave instruction to the Egbura people of Umozu that they should moved the Bassa across the River Benue, from Umaisha site to the present place called OGUMA under the OHIOGBA (OGBU) of UMOZU Town, still an Egbura abode under Opanda Domain by them. The Ohimege IKUTEPA of Opanda instructed the Chief of UMOZU to provide huts for Bassa refugees, the Grass huts made for the refugees is called OGUMA that is the origin of the Name of the place OGUMA which was the refugees CAMP. in Egbura Language, but the place was initially called ORADE in Egbura Language meaning aside and it was (and still) part of UMOZU, the area was under Opanda domain, having Boundary with IDAH of IGALA Kingdom and Nation. The Boundary line with Opanda is OZA-BEOKU, after Oguma settlement which the Igala Brothers called JABEOKU, very close to DEKINA in IDAH Kingdom in the present Kogi State.
During the creation of KABBA province and the subsequent boundry adjustment to KABBA and Benue province, the Boundary line was made to be River Benue, hence the area now known as Bassa LGA Oguma inclusively and UMOZU the Bassa hosts, Were placed under DEKINA in IGALA Territory.
Finally the Edict No. 4 of 1999 was purely a time Bomb that periodically explode for crises which were always initiated by the Bassa Community in Toto Local Government Area. The pronouncement of Turunku Chiefdom simply encouraged Bassa to continue with heir lawlessness and treacherous mentality with senseless notion to the extent of using sophisticated weapons on the Egbura settlement both in Kogi and Nasarawa State they even compelled the Government to actualize their day dream of Turunku Chiefdom under gun threats. The Bassa used sophisticated weapons on which Major General M.A. Yekini, the Commander Operation Whirl Stroke, made a press statement in Lafia on the 8th January, 2019 that he had recovered the following Arms from Bassa Community Amor Base as disarmament.
801 Ammunition
45 AK47
4 Machineguns
So Many Cutlasses
Knifes of different size
The range of weapons was purchased by Bassa to Eliminate the Egbura people, they used the weapons in several attacked to very many Egbura settlement Areas. Both in Kogi and Nasarawa State.
The psychological analysis and observation of Bassa horrible attitudes towards the Egbura people is simply because of the Bassa crazy notion to seaze the land of the Egbura Nation the real Historical confidence people who are the owners of the land right form their Historic hegemonial establishments.
The Egbura came in Existence since 11 Century A.D following the diverge from Borno Empire, Leading to the creation of famous (APA) Kwararafa Empire to which Opanda Kingdom belongs.
According to the Historical background the Kwararafa Empire has Thousands of members from different tribes and dialets, and no record of Bassa as members.
Reference to the Federal Government of Nigeria Exhibition of the Extreme necessity recognition and consideration of the Native land as the present Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja is concern. There was formally not a nomans land, it was purely a native land with historical backing, that was the reason why the Federal Government compensated the original settlers of the Areas and the land owners, before it was metamorphose in to the present Federal Administrative seat of power. So the process of creating the forceful treacherous Turunku chiefdom out of Opanda Historical Kingdom is completely against the wish of the Native Traditional owners of the Land the Egbura people. Base on this background Turunku Chiefdom is utmost impossible and full of illegality, and lack of Historical Base. As this sort of situation can never happen in anywhere in Nigeria, not in any part of the African continent, and even in the United State of America the Leading Global Democracy. Conclusively please to the Bassa the Egbura Land must continue to progress in all aspect of Development Culturally Educationally Economically and to the rise of Industrialization. The Egburas are great people in the History of Kwararafa (APA) Empire and they upheld their Kingdoms up to the present, why now the INGLORIOUS and INHUMAN ILLEGALITIES to annihilate the Egbura under the Bassa quest for a Chiefdom in Egbura Home Land.
In addition advise and warning to Bassa stakeholders, please stop passing wrong information and Negative assurance to their brothers and sisters, also to stop Exploitation and impoverishment of their community, as they always compel all Bassas to contribute money for purchasing weapons and hirering of machineries to fight war against the Egbura Community in both Kogi and Nasarawa States, with Notion of usurping Egbura National and Traditional Heritage land in the present Era. This is a very impossible task which Bassa can never succeed, as they will continue to remain a looser always in Exile Insha-Allah if they continue to uphold their illogical temperaments.
Once again it is of great advantage to remind Bassa on history lane of Bassa previous and present initiating setback to Toto Local Government Area, which denied Toto many things that are very important to the entire Local Government Area. Now the situation in Katakpa and the position of Bassa community in respect of the signing of memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Umaisha Community and AZMAN RICE MILL AND FARMS LIMITED for Rice farm project in Toto Local Government Area upon which some few Bassa element are complaining about is unfortunate because history has shown that anything good coming to Toto Local Government Area, Bassa ethnic group would raise objection and kick against it. Lets take for example when Egbura, Gade, Gbagyi and other tribe, were applying for Toto Local Government, Area Council the Bassa came out Boldly and opposed it. The same thing happened when Umaisha people were applying for Development Area they the Bassa opposed it. But when all these became possible they scramble for positions in authority.
It is high time that Bassa people should realize their past mistakes which were antidevelopment and embrace self respect for peaceful co-existence, in the history of this area Bassa has never ruled Katakpa Area, as ahegemony hence they should please give peace a chance.
The Bassa should embrace right thinking for the progress of their community.
Aside on top of that, it is unfortunately and really regrettable as the Egbura Community all over the country and in Diaspora are flabbergastered for the circumstantial conditionalities that necessitate the Egbura for accommondating the Bassa Community in the Egbura Domains and the Egbira being progressive people of high integrity. History has revealed the disparity between the Host Egbura to the Bassa historic refugees in Egbura DOMAINS, as the Bassa TELEOLOGICAL ATTITUDE have proven. The Egbura have really seen and reaped their Traditional Mistakes?
To the Egbura to forgive is godly, embrace Godliness, while Avoiding mistakes that could lead to bad and dangerous Hatcheres.
Thank you.

ALH. S. Z. (BIGBOSS) For: Concern Egbura Community

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