Much Ado About Ile Arugbo: Whatever You Sow is what you will Reap


This adage is what is playing out in Kwara now.

Oh! Just like yesterday, when in 2003, Bukola Saraki was the Hunter. The reverse is the case today the Hunter is now feeling hunted forgetting the word of Allah which says whatever you sow is what you will reap.

Saraki should not be crying foul when he was the architect of his own trivail. What will be his explanation for not doing the right thing at the right time. The family got the plot over a decade ago and yet did not do the needful. How much will he pay for the land that he can't afford? He had everything in his palm yet he didn't make use of it, now he is looking for someone to blame for his failure. It's obvious that he didn't have the intention of paying on the land.

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He did similar thing on the Alimi Lodge which was sold to him by Fatai Ahmed. He deposited ten thousand naira (N10,000) for a property sold to him for ten million naira and hundreds of thousands was allocated for the renovation of the property by Fatai Ahmed from state's money.

However, it's law of karma that is in play here. Has he forgotten what he did to his own predecessor late Mohammed Lawal. He revoked Lawals land at irewolede (the plots now housing trillium school was revoked from Lawal).

And has he forgotten the number of people he forcefully took their lands through the dreaded bureau of land under the disguise of public use which eventually ended up in individual hands. Several of such cases are in court now.

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The funniest of it is hearing almighty Bukola Saraki talking about witch-hunting. Has he hurriedly forgotten about what he did for late Lawal and everyone who served under him. Alhaji Sulyman Olowojare, Alajagusi, Afeniforo, Hajia Yusuf, Alashe, Owolabi (coordinator) are few that were incarcerated by Bukola Saraki.

Has he also forgotten in a hurry how he ordered the attack on the Idi Ape ancestral home of late governor Lawal where lifes were taken, people injured and houses burnt down. It's still there now. The people of Idi Ape have not fully recovered from the attack till now. So why is he crying foul now?

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Let someone remind him of the chase he gave Lawal because of five(5) cars he bought legally and paid for. He asked the EFCC to investigate Lawal etc. How will such a person be shouting witch-hunting now. He should be reminded that it's time for him to face the rhythm and dance to the consequences of his actions while in office.

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Let no one be swayed with the crocodile tears this man is shedding now but be focused on the fact available for the issue on ground.
Never will the people of Kwara be deceived again.

May Kwara succeed !
May Nigeria succeed !!!

Ibrahim Olawale Saheed

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