Hon. Usman Isah (wambai), who visited Aguma of Tawari to sympathize with him in his Abuja resident



Gunmen attack Tawari village 23 villagers were killed in the attack,Taware under kogi kotonkarife local Government of kogi state.

Hon Abdullkarim Usman Isah (wambai), who visited Alhaji Idris Yusuf,the Aguma of tawari to sympathize in his Abuja resident.

Hon Abdullkarim Usman Isah condemned the attacked and described the attacker as inhumane and hope that they will never go unpunished.
He further urges every citizens to shunned violence and be more involved in countering the reality and fear of violence in our communities and our neighbors’ communities, pursuing justice and seeking peace no matter how long the complex challenge.
He prayed that may the departed souls find peace, eternal mercy and replenish the damage properties.
Alhaji Idris Yusuf,the Aguma of Tawari village said the Gunmen who attacked,killed his peoples also burned many houses properties and also stole foodstuffs belonging to the villagers while others narrowly escaped the attacked and he recounting his near-death experience with the gunmen.
He said its sorrowful and pray for Allah's intervention.

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