Appeal to the Muslim community to get the youths married - Umar Fatimah 23yrs old Pleaded


A 23 years old Umar Fatimah Oluwapelumi write open letter to Muslims leader to make marriage easier for the youths.

She wrote:


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Asslamu Alaykum,

I am a 23 year old Muslim girl from a decent Muslim family, for a very long time this issue has weighed heavily on my mind, it has kept me crying most nights before sleep finally takes me. I am using this opportunity to appeal to our religious leaders to appeal to our parents to make getting married a bit easier for us.

To the religious leaders

🔗You completely ignore the females during your da'awah sessions and talk as if it’s only the men that are exposed to fitnah, we are too you know.

🔗We want you to make it so much of an issue that our parents would heed to it, we are the ones who have the problem and so we look for da'awah regarding the issue, our parents don’t listen please make them listen.

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🔗“Make du'ā “ you say, we do all the time trust me , and we will continue to but you have to remember, good and pious husbands do not fall from trees, or start up a conversation in malls, or stop sisters on the street. Create avenues for us to meet in the halal way.

To the society

🔗You ask us “When are you getting married?” or talk behind our backs saying “Is she still not married? Who has ever attempted to offer us proposals? Or task the Islamic community with getting us married?

To our parents

🔗Our dear parents who love us so much, trying so hard to do right by us and not do to us “force marriage” by letting us engage in haram relationships. You have indeed placed us in grave danger, being alone with a non Muharram, talking and doing things we shouldn’t be doing.

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🔗You have made getting married so hard for us, you create reasons and excuses that have no significance in Islam:

📌they say, but ” you have to finish school

📌they say, but ” he earns very little “

📌they say, but “he is not the same tribe as you “

📌they say, but "he is a married man and I don't want you to go and suffer.

📌they say, but, "he is a divorcee, do you know what happens between him and his former wife?"

💡Kindly refer to the imams for explanation on what the religion says concerning criteria for choosing husbands for your daughters.

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💡Finally, the Muslim society has failed us and our parents have failed us in regards to aiding us to protect our chastity.

🔦This is my contribution I hope this open letter of mine creates a trend, I hope the message spreads far and wide and I hope whoever this message reaches tries to forward it to a higher Islamic organization. Spread the word:

⚔The youths are in distress, trust me, we are.

Written by a concerned but hopeful Muslim sister.

May Allāh (Sub-haanahu wata'aala) guide us.

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