Engineer Sule@60: celebrating a Modern Day Philosopher King


By Nasarawa concerns Youth

The concept of the philosopher king as originally proposed by a Greek philosopher, Plato in his dialogue, Republic, envisions that until political power and philosophy entirely coincide, states will have no rest from evils.

According to Plato, the key to the notion of the philosopher king is that the philosopher is the only person who can be trusted to rule well. That philosophers are both morally and intellectually suited to rule, morally because it is in their nature to love truth and learning so much that they are free from the greed and lust that tempts others to abuse power and intellectually because they alone can gain full knowledge of reality, which culminate in knowledge of forms of virtue, beauty and above all, the good.

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Even though the original concept by Plato merely existed in utopia, the idea remain influential even in modern political movements.

In Nasarawa State, North Central Nigeria, a philosopher king was born with the arrival of His Excellency, Engineer Abdullahi Sule on the political landscape of the state, having been duly elected as Executive Governor during the March 9, 2019 Governorship election.

In His Excellency, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, political power and philosophy are not only coincided but a way of life.

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Indeed, Engineer Sule is a modern day philosopher king, judging from his leadership style demonstrated by his strong moral rectitude and manifest intelligence. While possessing sound academic knowledge, having obtained first a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Technology before securing a master’s degree in Industrial Technology, Engineer Sule equally possessed sound knowledge of both Islam and Christianity.

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His Excellency, Engineer Abdullahi Sule has variously been seen mounting the pulpit both in the Mosque and Church, sharing knowledge and wisdom aimed at drawing the people closer to their creator.

Most significantly, his life style symbolizes simplicity, humility and exemplary leadership. Engineer Sule leads by showing his followers the way, he is not a boss who simply give directives but he throws himself into the mix as he leads by example, demonstrating piety, self-sacrifice, accountability and sincerity of purpose.

Certainly, barely seven months into his administration, it’s evidently glaring that a philosopher king is in charge and that Nasarawa State is poised for greatness, bereft of entrenched negative tendencies that lead men to thread the path of primitive accumulation, lust for power and mammon.

Engineer Sule is down to earth, open and frank to a fault. There is no dealing under the table with him, with his major preoccupation being how to break the jinx and to take Nasarawa State to the Next Level of Development.

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Thus, as our amiable Governor marks yet another milestone, his 60th birthday, today, December 26, 2019, it’s our collective prayer that the Almighty Allah will continue to bless him with added wisdom, doggedness amidst mounting challenges, as well as good health to lead Nasarawa State to the Promised Land.

Happy 60th Birthday to our Philosopher King!

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