Nigeria Govt spend millionaire to provide equipment to fight insecurities, but failed to tackle the cause of insecurities - Editorial



The Federal government of Nigeria, some of it State, has continued to invest more millionaire to tackle insecurities in their various domain.

Recently President Muhammad Buhari commissioned multi Million equipment, secure by the Nigerian Police to fight insecurities.

Meanwhile, since his administration, he has never commissioned any thousands Naira equipment provided to reduce the raise of poverty and hunger in Nigeria.

What we growth up to meet has been left like that, Nigerian Universities has nothing to right about, because no any practical equipment which were provided to enhanced students knowledge in practical so that when they graduate they can provide jobs for themselves and increase the internal GDP of the country's.

President Muhammad Buhari has make life difficult for Nigerian, by taken decision without think about the effect it will befall on Nigerians after he left.

On the issued of border closures and stopping the importation of rice, since the Federal Government has taken the decision, the price of local rice has never come down, the list price of 50kg Bag of Local Rice is N17,000, where some state like Kogi Sold their own at N18,500, this is the price government is selling, if this product get to the market, the retailers will like to make their own gain on it, which probably will increase the price of the rice to N19,000 or N20,000.

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Now with this high amount of price on local rice, what is the important of stopping the importation?

When Federal government has not stop the importation of foreign rice, a bag of rice was N18,000, is when the Federal government place ban on the product, the price of the product raise.

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In Nigeria their no Electricity, no good water supply, no Good Road, and many more, Nigerian spend much to provide this things for themselves, yet Nigerians pay tax for this services.

Their no Nation that can growth with electricity and good Road, this two things are the engine of development, because when their constant power supply, youth will be able to engaged themselves, on one things or the others, in my area alone over 100 youth who are welder has packed the Welding material, because of lack of electricity's.

Many business, such coolroom, computer center, and many more has abandon their work because their is no electricity.

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The Federal government will do good, if they invest in providing this services to Nigerian, and see if the rate of crime will not reduced.


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