Marlians don’t wear belts, they sag their trousers they smoke weed - Naira Marley


By Ofeimu Gary Emmanuel's

“Marlian” is a popular word used by Nigerian street crooner, Afeez Fashola aka Naira Marley and this has gone so viral that even kids who don’t know him use same word. Today, if you don’t use the word “Marlians”, it is as though “you dunno warris going on”.

Wait let me enlighten you a little about the word “Marlian”. It is a word which doesn’t pass any good message to the teeming population. The word promotes indecency amongst youths, undue show-offs, street life “agbero” kind of lifestyle, drug abuse, womanizing and the rest.

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According to Naira Marley, Marlians don’t wear belts, they sag their trousers, they smoke weed, they don’t go to church or believe in religion, they don’t have manners, they don’t graduate from universities, they willingly miss their exams, they club, they don’t care about their parents advise and many more. As a young growing child, this is not the kind of lifestyle you would want to embrace. I don’t hate Naira Marley, I have his songs, I play them when I want and also dance to them if necessary.

But his lifestyle is not something you should copy. No doubt he is currently the life of the party, but do not copy his lifestyle cos he has his personal problems too. We all have our problems and I dont see needs why we should add other people’s problems to ours. Esquire is not a saint, but I feel this is necessary because most of our growing youths are loosing it already. Naira Marley said Marlians don’t graduate from Universities but he schooled in Peckham, South London, were he started off. I know some of you would come here to support him, but like I said, I don’t hate him. I like his music but not his lifestyle cos our youths are following up wrong roads cos of him. My advise is, download his songs, listen to them, dance to them and don’t copy his lifestyle because you don’t know the personal problems he has, and what he is going through. I decided to drop this here, not for everybody, but for the wise ones….Ok bye 👋

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