DSS plan of accusing Sowore of having a link with Boko Haram and Shiite


The Department of State Service (DSS) has plan to accused Omoyele Sowore of having a link with Boko Haram terrorist and Shiite also Known as Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN).

Recalled that Sowore was free by court after meeting bail conditions, and rearrested the next day by the same DSS after invasion of courtroom.

His rearrested was said to be an ordered from President Muhammad Buhari, although presidency has denied it, but the presidency's said in a statement that DSS has the right to arrests anyone without the ordered of Mr. President.

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Many people all over the world has called the rearrest of sowore as illegal called on the Nigeria Government to set him free, but the Government refused still holding him hostage, despites they cannot fine any crime against him.

In a recent development, a source close to Sowore told premiums time that The SSS is questioning Mr Sowore of his link to Boko Haram terrorist and Shiite.

“Agents have been asking him to tell them about his relationship with Boko Haram, Islamic Movement of Nigeria and the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra,” a source told PREMIUM TIMES on Sunday afternoon. “He has continued to deny any relationship with all these groups.”

Part of of the report, from premium time read, "The activist was just kept in custody in apparent violation of his fundamental rights and the Nigerian criminal justice statutes which prohibit keeping suspects beyond 48 hours without charges.

“They clearly want to continue their attack on a harmless citizen in defiance of the court,” Mr Effiong said. “The terrorism allegations were specifically why they arrested him several months ago but they could not file charges because they had no evidence to prove anything.”

Mr Effiong said he would look forward to see which court would entertain the SSS purported terrorism charges yet again, because it would amount to “a charade and a grivous abuse of court process.”

Peter Afunanya, spokesperson for the SSS, did not return PREMIUM TIMES’ calls and messages seeking comments on why the recent interrogation of Mr Sowore."



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