The curse of Jonathan and the trial of Sowore


I have no love lost, when it comes to Mr. Omoleye Sowore and how he had in these past 4 months, gone through a baptismal of fire and hell under the Buhari government. When people raise issues about him, I am used to saying, he is tasting out of his own medicine. After all, he is one of those ragamuffins and hirelings, paid by fifth columnists to destabilize and scuttle Dr. Goodluck Jonathan's administration. People who have read of the famous Dr. Frankenstein would be familiar with how he attempted to create in his laboratory a super duper machine that could do all things and everything.

But he ended up creating a machine that was a monster, which also killed him. Mr. Sowore fought tooth and nail to oust Dr. Jonathan and foisted Gen. Buhari on us. Despite all what people said about Buhari being a totalitarian tyrant, Sowore like the iguana lizard, was deaf at hearing. In my mind, Omoleye Sowore remains an outcast, pariah, renegade and not my cup of tea. Jonathan like one of those old biblical prophets, said, before he left the Rock that those who want him out at all cost are making the biggest mistake of their lives. As the freedom of speech and association they enjoy under his government would be taken from them.

Which brings me to the travails Mr. Sowore is going through lately. He has been detained without proper trial this past 125 days. The pretence to arraign him in court by the DSS, that had kept him incommunicado, and at which he opportunely got reprieve in bail, was scuttled by the same DSS. In one of the viral video online I watched, the courtroom drama of Sowore rearrest was something else. He was very pale and visibly shaken, after he was removed from the strangle hold of a DSS operative. Not only has he lost his voice, he has also lost his peace, his freedom of movement and that of association.

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My pain and concerns, are far from the travails of Sowore, they rest mainly on the ridiculing and rubbishing of the judiciary, the bastion and only hope of the common man to obtaining justice and equity. One can only imagine how Justice Mrs. Ojukwu of the Federal High Court Abuja, must be feeling now, after her courtroom was turned to a brawling arena by officials of the executive. Is her job at stake for granting bail to Mr. Omoleye Sowore? No one can tell, except Buhari and his cartel of magicians. Well, may the curse of Jonathan continue to follow those who lied against him and spat at him for no reason.


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