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Kogi State - unlike in some other states in the country where state Governors and their Deputies have at one time or another engaged themselves in a battle of wits over state or national matters, the relationship between the Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello and his Deputy, Chief Edward David Onoja remain very cordial, sincere, friendly, amiable, cheering and affable.

At every occasion and opportunity, the duo of Bello and Onoja flaunts the closeness and oneness of purpose which has made our state grow from tribalism, sentiments and bad leadership to an industrialised one, development headquarter and well secured ground for business tycoons to invest on.

Trust and hard work coupled with sincerity and loyalty found in the heart of Onoja since the time he was a Chief of staff to Bello has given him the privilege to in most cases, events or meetings represent the State Governor. This can be traced to the 2020 budget of Kogi State presented by Onoja in the state house of Assembly.

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The above piece of writing have showcased that the trust we lost in Achuba and his disloyalty to the Governor was a great developmental canker worm until his impeachment and the existence of Onoja as the new and most active Deputy Governor. This is understand to be a great development and i know Edward David Onoja will drag more developments and political growth to the state as he is busy with activities as a Deputy Governor with humility and respect.

Let us all continue to support these men with our prayers and encouragements as they will do more for our State, Kogi.

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