Edward Onoja promised not to betrayed Gov. Yahaya Bello


Kogi State deputy Governor, Edward Onoja has promised not betrayed Governor Yahaya Bello. Edward made the pledge while reacting to rumours making round various media on the rift between him and his boss.

Edward said, "Let me use this medium to send a reply to those who have started peddling rumours of an imaginary rift between me and my boss. These victims of a febrile imagination are pathetic. If they don’t say "His Excellency is angry with Edward, they will say Edward has fallen out with His Excellency, or both. ”Dem swear for some people?”.
How do they come up with such barefaced lies?
I consider it the worst form of disrespect and a devious act for me to ever be at loggerheads with my boss.
Yes, His Excellency calls me his Siamese Twin brother and yes, he grants me grand and unfettered access to his person and counsel, but till i die, i will never take that for granted and I will consider these as privileges to be nurtured, but not rights to be demanded.

For the records, My relationship with His Excellency dates back to 2003 in the North Central City of Markurdi in Benue State. Neither of us suspected that 16 years later we will be saddled by the Almighty God Himself with the Herculean task of building a United Kogi State characterised by Peace, Progress and Prosperity. Therefore, my friendly warning to our would-be foes is to repent and desist.

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Without exception, every single hand which has risen against us on this journey have turned leprous and made the owners outcasts in society. One funny fellow once declared that "anybody fighting Bello is fighting God". I believed him and I have been properly guided since then. Sadly, he did not believe himself and after getting himself into too many troubles in his vain attempts to fight us, he was finally and spectacularly disgraced from relevance and reckoning just last weekend.

Detractors who are trying to chop down this mighty Iroko today by plucking off a few fruits and leaves here and there are wasting their time. Our roots go down to the bedrock of divine favour and human labour. I am amazed myself at the length the Almighty God has gone to preserve us and the assignment He has given us.

To this end, there is only one Governor in the whole of Kogi State and that is none other than His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello.The rest of us in the New Direction Administration are co-labourers he has engaged to join him in this great work. As his helpers, we are expected to work hard and conform to the norms of teamwork.

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The laws of the land clearly indicate that in governing the state none of us can ever become the Governor’s equal in authority, much less confront him in disagreement. Any unruliness or deviation is to be handled with alacrity, while anyone whose assignment is concluded is let go.

So, let it be clear to those who are carrying rumours of a quarrel between my boss and I , that their devilish desires will perish with themselves. As God Almighty lives, they will never live to see any division between His Excellency and i, as i know my place and i am professionally inclined to observe my bounds per time.


My boss, my Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, has my undiluted love and respect forever. As for his own love for me, I have discovered that the more my stewardship increases in faithfulness to him, the more his love for me increases. In that case, the magic formula for me is simple – to increase my loyalty, competence and capacity more and more.

Fortunately, both His Excellency and myself are Godly politicians. After the unprecedented victories we have enjoyed from the Almighty, what do we have to quarrel about? We have broken records. Who else has seen the startling margins we have recorded in Kogi State before?
We started our electoral dominance from the Lokoja/Koto federal constituency by-election in August 2018 in which APC polled 26,860 to the paltry 14,845 votes received by our closest rival, the PDP.

The next test of our acceptance came in the 2019 General Elections and by God’s grace, we came forth in flying colours. We effortlessly delivered President Buhari who bested Atiku Abubakar of the PDP with over 80,000 votes in Kogi State alone.
After that we executed a decisive takeover of the national and state legislative apparatus of Kogi State with a historic win. 2 out of 3 Senators, 7 out of 9 House of Representatives members and 25 out of 25 House of Assembly members swelled the ranks of the APC after that elections.

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We proceeded to the Elections Tribunal and made a clean sweep of the 3 Senatorial seats in the state as Senator Smart Adeyemi dislodged former Senator Dino Melaye of the PDP who the courts agreed got it initially by foul means.

With this grand chronicle of achievements under the leadership of His Excellency and our head tactician, all we have is gratitude. We have no room, reason or time to quarrel. I am even more loyal and humble in service to my Boss now than ever before and my boss has become even more generous and magnanimous to me."

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