Igala Nation: the barbaric political trend and the need for amnesty


I have never imagine that Igala people of our generation can be this wicked, cruel, barbaric and primitive for this singular killings and maim during and aftermath of the November 16, governorship election in the state.

The wrath of God shall come upon those that have indulged themselves in this dastard act most especially the burning of a woman at Ochadamu, the killing of innocent souls at Abocho, Dekina, Anyigba, Ajaka and Ibaji. KARMA is always a relentless force. Yes, election has come and gone, despite the pains, intimidation, frustration and disfranchisement am very optimistic that in no distance time same politicians are going to align and realign amongst themselves for their selfish political interest.

Though one thing is certain, those that supported and influence evil act, those that have mortgaged their life as an instrument for destruction, those who see white and call it black, those who see evil and call it love, those who love with hate and hate with love, am assuring you today that a day is coming when you shall all reap whatever you planted. One day, we shall all be accountable for our actions and inaction either on this earth or at the hereafter.

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Just imagine, because of this worldly and material things of life that will perish and weather away with time, people have decided to jeopardize their tomorrow, future and that of their generation for momentary gain. Politicians are gradually making life more difficult for the poor and less privileges in the society. It is even more disheartening that Ane Igala is gradually become what Ummullere and Agullere was to the eastern zone, on the same vain, our land has become the reflection of Ijor and Itsekiri of the South South. Indeed our land is cursed as a result of everyday killings, human life has lost it value at this part of the world.

The rhetorical question is that:
How did we get to this level?
How can we ameliorate this decadence?
Why are we trying to extinguish the Igalarace?
Even if the elders and traditional rulers must have failed us, should we continue wallowing in shame?
Should we fold our hands and watch the running of guns across Ane Igala?
How about the issue of cultism that has become a social problem in our land?
How can we salvage our image?
Is it not about time we press the reset button?
The above questions are supposed to bother every illustrious sons and daughters of Ayegba Omaidoko.

In addition to the above premises, the unfortunate scenario that bedeviled the Igala Nation in recent time is ranging from the death of our prominent illustrious sons to the deprivation of our inalienable right couple with several mist opportunity in our land. Angrily, at the point that we are already at the verge of losing our oil blocks to the abandoning of Ajaokuta Steel Company and the dredging of River Niger, instead of us to rise up and strategies in a way for this great nation of ours to walking should higher amongst our peers, here we are pulling ourselves down beyond measures.

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Ours is supposed to plaugh but just because of politics we are busy calling our personalities names and pulling them down to the detriment of Igalanation, instead of empowering the youth positively, our own politicians are busy sharing guns and ammunition to mimics ourselves. What a barbaric political enlightenment are we trending in Igala Nation? I want to use this avenue to call on politicians in respectives of their party affiliations and political ideology alongside our elders and traditional rulers despite their political alignment to call for AMNESTY on our youth in order to retrieve those weapons for peaceful coexistence and further think about spiritual cleasing to enhance attitudinal change else, in a little while from now, we may not be able to access Igalaland including the politicians that gave out those weapons, the earlier we realize this call the better for all of us.


Thank you.

By Sule Isa Akagwu Kpaleko
Anyigba - Kogi State

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