President Buhari and the case of an hypocritical saint. - the release of 10billion naira to governor Yahaya Bello 3 days to an election


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When you have a President who pride himself as a saint, yet gives nod to every actions executed to undermine democratic norms, then it is suffice to say we don't have a democratic president in Nigeria.

3 days to an election, the President is releasing 10Billion Nigerian Naira to a Governor who is standing in for reelection. What message have they passed already?

With Nigeria's Democracy as one of the world's worst due to its open electoral anomalies such as vote buying, ballot box snatching, voters apathy, killings, violence and conspiracy by election umpires and security agents, it is sad that Nigeria's president will openly seek that 10Billion Naira be approved for a Governor who has created an unprecedented record as the worst and young president in Nigeria's history with an abysmal record of massive corruption, looting and abuse of constitution.

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This same Yahaya Bello blatantly refused to pay workers Salaries for 39+ months under some flimsy excuses of unending screening which has led to devasted wellbeing and loss lof lives of the Kogi people. Acts described by pundits as callous and tyrannical.

This same Yahaya Bello who stole public funds via an OBT (Obtaining by Tricks) scheme which saw diversion of public funds to private accounts, is the same man the APC is celebrating today in the glare of open failure.

The Yahaya Bello saga in Kogi State is no news to the entire Nigerian populace but sadly the people who support these evil under the guise of party loyalty careless about the sufferings and human rights abuses orchestrated by Gov. Yahaya Bello in Kogi State.

However that I am not taken by surprise, but sadly, this is not democracy anymore. This is dictatorship, tyranny and a misplaced opportunity.

Let the world hear. President Muhammadu Buhari should be held accountable for every political crime in Kogi State now, during and after the election because his actions, inactions, body language speaks more of a big threat to democracy, Human Rights and the rule of law.

In a blink of an eye, 10 Billion Naira is to be released to a State owing the Federal Government over 50 Billion naira 3 days to an election. What is wrong with Nigeria leaders. No wonder, as the so-called giant of Africa, our Education, Healthcare, Security and Infrastructure are crawling and taking constant nosedive.

I charge the Kogi people to make a statement on Saturday as they approach every ballot box, Vote against Yahaya Bello because he is an human rights abuser and a disfunctional Governor for the Kogi people.

I am Austeen Anibe Otene
Rights and Equality /Climate Change Activist


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