And what is next for the Kogi people with an illegitimate mandate?


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In 2015, Yahaya Bello who was never a registered voter in Kogi State was cleared by a rigged INEC. All statute and laws were circumvented by the President Buhari-led INEC and APC to force him down our throat even when he was not the running mate to late Abubakar Audu of blessed memory, ditching Hon. James Faleke as at the time who was running mate to Audu, one would have thought that Yahaya Bello would have siezed the opportunity to write a new chapter in Kogi's political history.

Ironically he did but this time in a Melo-dramatic script. While he was fortunate to have had over 420Billion passed through the State coffers under his watch, his page on Kogi's history book is painted with massive corruption, Human Rights abuses, killings and disfunctionality.

As the people of Kogi State waited painfully and patiently for 2019 to pass their verdict through the ballot, little did they know that a Buhari-led INEC were seeking the highest bidder in what is widely seen as merchandise instead of democratic process to elect leaders.

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Sadly, this conspiracy is one that came in different shades. From the APC which he, Yahaya Bello belongs to as a political party, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who pride Yahaya Bello as his political godson and the rigged electoral umpire of Nigeria, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The disgraceful part of it all is the Nigeria Police Force who has created a world record of using helicopters to shoot at innocent, harmless and defenseless voters exercising their franchise.

And the rigged INEC continues to play the devil's advocate since the huge financial exchanges between Yahaya Bello and INEC top to bottom officials.

Let the world know it today that there is no democratic process in Nigeria and if anyone argues otherwise, then it is safe to say the initial definition of democracy is wrong.

My worries today is that, the Kogi people are in for another perilous 4 years. Because the said Yahaya Bello know too well that he was never voted for; to be Governor and as such, in his wicked nature, he would consider himself not obligated to democratic tenets.

The coming days will be a very difficult one because Kogi as it were is a debt State with over 50 Billion naira in deficit already. With a meagre inflow from FAAC within the range of 2.8Billion to 3.5Billion monthly, I see a traumatic season looming like an hurricane for the Kogi people.

When we look back, the concern takes a different outlook of dispair. If he, Yahaya Bello cannot develop Kogi's infrastructure, Healthcare, education and who cannot consistently pay workers Salaries and pensions for over 39+ months with over 420Billion, what is the hope for the future when the State will is expected to begin repayment of her debts?

Let it be known today that Yahaya Bello is an ILLEGITIMATE Governor of Kogi State with his so-called vilian Deputy, Edward Onoja who is an habitual women molester and abuser.

In all of this, democracy bleeds.

I am Austeen Anibe Otene
Rights and Equality /Climate Change Activist


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