Governor Yahaya Bello: Failures and Sycophants, Kogi people reject Apology from Nasir El-Rufair


Its a wide spread news how a man like Gov. El-Rufai of Kaduna had went on his knee to plead with the people of Kogi State to forgive the errs of the state Governor and the APC flagbearer in the upcoming Guber contest Gov. Yahaya Bello, I was so amused but not amused to see such drama, but one question is asked myself is, Does Bello himself knows he offended alot of people that could risk his victory if not for the other way actions that he plans to take? He was standing boldly and Happy while the man El-Rufai was on his knee, the Appointees of the Governor see no reason to take such action but waving hands and laughing while they all know the truth.

When a Leader surrounds himself with evil people, he's an evil person himself and definitely would be led to failure by the sychophants behind him who see the Leader failing but keep praising him for been succeeding so they get their pockets filled with Nairas and probably hard currencies.

I have been crying for a long time for Gov. Bello to check inward to know that his enemies are inward wining and dinning with him but pretending to be friends.

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The Local Government Administrators, the Special Advisers, Special and Senior Special Assistants and other key Appointees are projecting the name of the Governor for evil, they attack anyone who dares tell the truth and they pushed away everyone they perceived might be an eye opener to the Governor.

I wouldn't be surprised if Gov. Bello lost this election and I wouldn't be surprised if he's announced the winner.

But indeed he needs to help himself though too late by changing those men and women of misfortunes around him.

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The world knows all that Gov. Bello is doing even when we are prevented from talking at home, Gov. El-Rufai, Aisha Buhari and Muhammadu Buhari himself know that Bello failed the people hence their reasons for seeking for forgiveness from the people whose hearts are boiling and bleeding.

Sir Hassan Ozigis…

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