On Salary issue which is 99.9% critics of this administration, I sympathize with the people who actually became victim


I have come to understand that most people who are usually very quick in pointing accusing fingers of tribalism are tribal bigot themselves – hence, they are paranoid about people’s support especially of the same ethnic lineage. If you had convinced yourself that Young Wolf only support GYB (Governor Yahaya Bello)/CEDO (Chief Edward David Onoja) movement on the ground of tribe alone, then, I can’t help you. Young wolf doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of the sheep, I don’t go about my life meditating on how spider make its web and I don’t stop to throw stone at every backing dog on the journey of life – else I won’t get to my destination.
We all have choice to make at one point in time as we journey through this life; good or bad, light or darkness, we are all entitled to make one depending one’s view about life. I didn’t wake up from dream to support GYB for second term, it was a well thought decision and I won’t spend the rest of my life explaining it to you since you already sealed your mind and been brainwashed by media, there is no going back till we coast to victory comes Nov 17 God’s willing. I won’t crucify you for your choice and I expect you do the same. We all with an exception of course want the best for our state but just viewing it from different angles – it doesn’t make any of us the worst creature; that’s why we humans are complex. In politics, we do always disagree to agree!

Now, let me clarify this once and for all; there are disturbing accusations on why I initially criticize or support Natasha against GYB and now the reverse is the case. Please, take a glass of water in case you are dehydrated. DS Omeiza (Young Wolf) never supported Natasha against GYB. What happened during the general election was practically a senatorial affair of which I was a strong promoter of Natasha in my own little way against APC candidate. I am not a card carrying member of SDP or APC, I have the right to switch allegiance, even party delegates do – so, no one should bother me again about this issue. I DON’T WANT TO WASTE MY TIME AND INK ON SDP BECAUSE THEY ARE INCONSEQUENTIAL REGARDING THE FORTHCOMING ELECTION. I HAD SAID THIS BEFORE, IF THEY WIN ONE LGA, I OWED THEM A BOTTLE OF GREEN WINE – PERHAPS, RUSSIAN MADE! (ozemasi nyaka hiroogedee). I won’t criticize WADA too, practically I know nothing about him until his emergence as the PDP candidate. My uncle once told me that I should only trust a man when he is in power (Everything we do with our aspiring leaders is actually a risk). So pardon me in case I am not moved by your sweet choruses about how WADA will do this and that. We have heard more beautiful stories than what WADA is selling and I am used to politician capitalizing on the perceived weakness of their opponent to sell themselves when they actually have no governing plans.

On Salary issue which is 99.9% critics of this administration, I sympathize with the people who actually became victim of circumstances as a result of the screening process. As for the over 1600 civil servants who had worked for about 10 years with fake certificate as confirmed by your institution which necessitate your removal from government payroll, the innumerable company of ghost workers irrespective of the numbers of years you claimed to had served and the over 400 personnel who alter their ages in order to go down to the grave as a civil servant, I don’t think I owed you sympathy – any sane nation would do the same. You can go on telling those who has time to listen to you that GYB owed you 40 months of salary without ever mentioning your crime, I only blame the government for the delayed in payment of genuine workers after the screening exercise (three times was the chairman changed just to get it right) that took almost 3 years until the last bailout funds which helped in clearing of the backlog of salaries – now civil servants are been paid every 25th day of the month – well, some say its election strategies but I am optimistic that GYB meant well for the state.

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On other matters, GYB is second to none in security issues – this is not say that there are no more people demonstrating criminal or thuggery traits, even PDP candidate commended GYB on that……I don’t want to lose my audience (let me stop here).
GYB needs to come back to prove all these naysayers wrong and that is Sacrosanct. Finally, Vote and not Fight, don’t waste your life on the altar of thuggery, even if you don’t need your life, your people needs you and the state needs you.
For all those who believes in me, go out there and vote for the continuity of GYB/CEDO. This is the way and the God who gives power to whom he will shall grant us success. And for all the demonization of GYB so far even though I never said he is a saint, this shall be corrected too as the white lion returns. “Call me whenever you are around” (Chief of Staff). Sir, the young wolf is poised to meet you but that will be after our victory comes Nov 17 God’s willing. So, loosing is not an option!. My passion for the development of my state and the country at large is comparable to nothing as far this present life is concern.

God bless kogi state. We shall get to the top!
NB: Pls, make your points constructively. My page isn't the page for gutter languages or Insult. If you can't make one sentence without Insult, this isn't the page for you. #Children downloaded from Jumia should take note (Not to any particular group)
DS Omeiza
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