Revolution Now : why Sowore Rejects Most money-Bag Sureties


I have just read Apostle Suleiman's twitter rantings on standing sureties for Sowore. Aside the fact that the rantings are meant to be some mockery, we reject any surety like him as we know that he is one of those money-bag pastors who extort members to be stinkingly wealthy.
The same Apostle Suleiman was exposed by Sahara Reporters on the popular Otobo case. The so-called apostle even bought a jet without disclosing the source of the billions spent. So, we can never to back to our vomit !!!
However, it is not only Suleiman who is ready to stand sureties for Sowore. Many others who I will not mention here have offered to stand for Sowore. One of them is even a serving member of the House of Representatives. They were all rejected.
This is because we practice what we preach. We don't lie to our comrades and some other things. We prefer to slug it out with the judiciary and the government instead of running to money bags for help. This was why we challenged the cruel and stringent bail conditions in the first place.
Sowore has been fighting for a better world for thirty years now. Even in his youthful element, he never kowtow to money bags (not even his friend late MKO Abiola )

So, Apostle Suleiman should keep his unsolicited support. We have gotten people we trust to stand sureties anyways. Sowore is fighting a class war, and he is well prepared for the consequences.

Let no one play the devil's advocate. Sowore, Mandate Bakare and Agba Jalingo will be out. All the political prisoners will also be out.
Meanwhile, we call on all Nigerians to join us in Lagos, Abuja, Ondo, and other places to join us as we rally enmasse against tyranny by November 6th and 7th. Freedom cometh by struggles.

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The cruel oppressors can be laughing now, we the oppressed will laugh last. Say it loud- Sowore remained undaunted

Victoria Ascerta !!!



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