Marry divorce, needy women, if truly you want to marry second wives because of Sunna - Haleemah



A lady Has advice Muslim men who married second wive in the name of Sunnah, to do that by marrying women that were divorce, needy and other women's who may have lose their husband in one way or the other.

Haleemat Bint Sulaiman took to Ebira Social Relationship to share her thought about the matter.

She described men who took young girl that is unmarried as second wives in the name of Sunnah as greedy men.

According to her, "If truly you really wanna add to your wife because of sunnah

"Why don't you marry the needy sisters, the one the husband died, the one that divorced due to many reason, the one that's really in need of husband

"Why wanting a single young sister to marry when many single brothers are available, and you call it sunnah

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"No, that's not sunnah, that's selfishness and also for your own desire

If you want to add to wife and you are going for singles

Then what is the actual sunnah you are doing that can't help the needy woman

Now most single brothers are the one responsible to marry those needy woman because of frustration and no single to marry

Why are brothers doing this to brothers

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Do you know if you marry those needy woman to your first wife

Many marital problems won't occur

Because the sister understand how it is she need a husband, how it is to be in that position

But how will she be at rest and be happy when you bring the one that's more beautiful than her, a single and you turn out to love her more than she

If you can't do sunnah and you can't wipe a tear of a crying woman but put a tear on a happy woman because of your own so called sunnah u did yourself

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Then you are not actually what u think you are


Just wanna give this before the dealing with a cheating husband

Stay tune
in sha Allah

It will be ready "


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