Gowon's Birthday And Reno's Insult On Igbo Nation


Reno has dumped Atiku—that's the breaking news to those that are not yet aware. Reno Omokri, like a trapped rat in the pigeonhole of opposition, looking for escape route, has found the shortest possible way to negotiate with the powers that be at the Villa: that is Igbo bashing. After messing up Atiku's media strategy, and extorting him, Reno is now looking for ways to mainstreamed himself into the camp of Buharists—he has begun grovelling to them.

The other day he challenged Buhari to compensate #OnitshaFire victims and he would stop criticizing him, instead, begin to support him. Reno, just like that! What does that statement tell you? he has given up on opposition politics! Reno is now using victims of #OnitshaFire to negotiate a soft landing for himself? Wonders never ceases! Helping fire victims is good, but using it to midwife one's vile political interests, is callous.

The easiest platform to win the heart of the north, is to go on a voyage cum tirade of Igbo bashing. This is exactly what Reno has just begun. He did exactly the same thing when Goodluck Jonathan lost power in 2015. He referenced Ndigbo as the plague that everyone who wants to sustain power avoids. He reckoned that Jonathan lost because he incurred the rot of other tribes, for simply trying to end post-civil war marginalization against Ndigbo. Reno, in his newest venomous article literally told Ndigbo to thank Gowon for not exterminating Igbo race during the war. He pontificated that Igbo nation would have been history if Murtala Mohammed was head of state, at the heat of the war.

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To a morally-wrecked soul and opportunistic scallywag like Reno (bereft of empathy), over three million Igbo lives lost during the war were not enough?? If the combination of Nazist army led by Adolf Hitler and Soviet invaders controlled by Joseph Stalin couldn't extinct the Jewish race—even after the brutal murder of over six million of them, in the most bestial and barbaric manner, Reno, in his highfalutin idiocy, think that the fusion of one million Gowons and Murtalas would had weep out Igbos from the face of the earth? Oh! my God! Reno Omokri, Ndigbo are irrepressible! We can't be destroyed by mere mortals! We are indestructible!

~~By Chidiebere Nwobodo.

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