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I am about to reveal something very disturbing. It's so painful that our generation is actually in the dispensation that the prophet Isaiah was referring to when he spoked about A GENERATION COVERED WITH DARKNESS ( Isaiah 60:2).
This means a generation with no illumination, a generation ignorant of the devices of Satan and a generation that lacks knowledge. There is no hunger for the things of the Spirit, but fake love for God and uncontrollable appetite for power and money.
This has gotten so bad that we don't even see what's right in front of us.
This article isn't a form of sarcasm or criticism against anybody or any organization but for CORRECTION AND WARNING

The big brother show is not a mystery, it is only a mystery to majority who aren't spiritually intelligent as a result of poor fellowship with the Holy Spirit. YOU WATCH BUT YOU CANNOT SEE, YOU HEAR BUT YOU ARE ACTUALLY DEAF AND CANNOT DISCERN WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT
The big brother show isn't just for entertainment and profit making, it's actually an intelligent, consciously calculated testing ground for something that has been prophesied in 1John 4:3. What do I mean? We will get there, just keep reading.

Let start from this demonic show's logo. It's logo is an eye. This eye is what is known as THE EYE OF HORIS , this is an ancient occultic symbol used in invocation of spirits, the big brother show is actually an adumbration of the 1984 book written by George Orwell. In his book he emphasized on big brother and even until now a lot of fans couldn't add up what or who big brother really was, because he was not seen in the characters of that book but he was conversing with the characters.

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The show big brother is a mind control system used to condition the mind of the masses to prepare them for what the Antichrist is planning. This will be a system where everything done in the world would be under surveillance and because the people has seen it already practiced in big brother shows around the continents, the system will accept it into the society because the mind is already comfortable with it's proposal. If you notice, it isn't practiced just in Africa alone. It is continental, our parents watch it, our children watch it, especially youths.

This program encourage sex on live camera, immoral attitudes, fighting and arrogance, yet it is endorsed by Christians.

Big brother is trying to teach you how life will look like when the Antichrist shows up and this is done through social engineering. They are trying to socially engineer you to accept what the new world order is cooking. Now bear in mind that the Antichrist will communicate with humans telepathically, he doesn't need to speak or say a word but will communicate the new ideologies and values to every human race worldwide telepathically, and this is what the big brother does to the people in that house. They are puppets for each testing season. The house of the big brother is a typical example of the way the world will look like when the Antichrist begins. There will be nothing hidden, everything will be laid bare and this is the meaning of the eye logo of the program which is a psychological reminder "I AM WATCHING YOU"

This show promotes all sorts of immorality and helps you master the art of doing it even when everyone is watching you. Listen to me, Satan has an advantage of age. The Bible calls him "THAT OLD SERPENT ". If you want to use your intelligence against Satan, he will beat you in knowledge hands down. He had lived on the earth with other civilizations bodily millions of years ago before Adam was created, but that is a teaching for another time.

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The reason for this article is because Christians patronizes this show even more, and it's very disappointing. Yet on Sundays you will see them praying and singing praises to God in church. This is what is known as APOSTASY and Deception .

Our children watch these programming of the mind called THE BIG BROTHER SHOW . Our pare

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