1. The power equation in Kogi State since its creation have been a source of worried amongst the three major tribes that form majority of the population.
    The joy for the creation of the state had indeed blindfolded our eyes from having Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Modus Operandi for power sharing /rotation amongst the Senatorial Zones.
  2. The elated Igalas were busy dancing for freedom from the hands of Tiv people in the old Benue state while Okuns and Ebiras were joyous of returning to their former Province as destiny fulfilled.
  3. In our inaugural meeting of Social Democratic Party (SDP) at Paparanda Square, SDP office then, the issue of governor was far from discussion. It was a congratulatory meeting of both Okuns, Igalas and Ebiras for creation of the state.

4.There we goes, when the issues of governor came up the two Political Parties,(SDP and NRC) being led by Ebira illustrious sons as party chairman in person of Late, Alh. M J Ajanah (SDP) and Late,Alh.Musa Etudaiye NRC) synergies to concede the slot to the Igalas after due consultation on magnanimity and civility of Ebira people on platter of Gold without agitation nor request by them.

  1. The central fielded no candidate except that the West (Okuns) did with Late, S. B Daniyan a business mogul.This was fought to standstill by the Central (Ebiras) on behalf of the Igalas for justice to prevail in the newly created State, we all knew what happened cried more than the bereaved, the rest are history.

6.The candidature of Igalas in the two Political Parties were championed by Ebira politicians in person of Late, Senator A T Ahmed who stood by late, Dr. Stevephen Achema of SDP while Late, Engr. Illiyasu Attah went for Late, Prince Audu Abubakar of NRC.
So, whatever the Igalas do today about Ebira candidacy is just reciprocation of our good gestures for their 16yrs continued rule.

  1. The gestures were done in the spirit of brotherhood to step down greed, avarice and ethic aggrandizement by any tribe in the state and avert dominion over others hence Ebira role and understanding in pioneering the state.

8.It is no news the state was created on the efforts of Ebira illustrious sons in government then, namely:Late, Alh.Abdulrahaman Okene, Minister of Internal Affairs . Late, General Salihu Ibrahim, Chief Of Army Staff. and Alh. Aliyu Attah, Inspector General of Police, yet we were still considerate in sharing.

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  1. But, behold when the Igalas assumed the leadership position the story changed and the office of the governor became " Dynastic and Monarchical" stool to Igala blooded persons. This goes for 16yrs unbroken, however, God, the omnipotent and omniscience who created us equal with rights to everything around us visited His anger and the "Barton" changed for justice to ensue in the political space for power rotation.

10.The quest for second term by Ebira nation via GYB is in fulfilment of God's action for justice, equity, fair play and peace of the state.God doesn't cheat.

  1. No ethnic group can single handedly win an election in isolation without the participation of other tribes, therefore we're inter-depends politically. Ebira second term will serves as panacea for power rotation amongst the ethnics groups for harmonious co-existence of all kogites. We must indeed unite and work together for the future of our children's generation, whoever go against the struggle is up in armed with nature.
  2. Reminder to Ebira nation, if we can fight ourselves in the past for Igala candidacy why can't we unite and fight collectively to make history and turn Kogi State to a better place for all.

13.This reminds me of another philosophical Song by "Aneku Achewuru" the great and i quote " Jimoh ozi nyoh mi ka ma hi'iwu eyi oge ireyi ni, Jimoh ozi nyoh mi ka ma hi'iwu eyi oge ireyi ni kai ezi okovi ke yin yara ema dewn'sa ka ezi omavi ke yin yara ene ma dewn'sa okovi oji okovi oventeeh yira na vu ubanyi okovi oji okovi oventeeeh. ---- meaning this is a reminder rhythm to brothers fighting over something not to wash their dirty lining in the public for avoidance of disgrace.

14.This is a wake-up call on all and sundry of Ebira nation to resolve and work together to achieve a common goal to the benefit of all.
"A word is enough for the wise" -- Philosophical quote.!



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