Reply to this quote “This Nigerian rice is full of stones, Not sweet at all, pls Open Borders” – Aloro


“This Nigerian rice is full of stones, Not sweet at all… pls open border let us eat what we want. To serve Nigeria is not by force”..

“The above quotation is a trending outburst of a foolish Nigerian on Facebook… My question is: Did this idiot walk the same day he was born? China is the world Champion, they’re feeding the world today, it didn’t just happen overnight. They made sacrifice. They closed their boarders for 25 years, they didn’t get loans from anywhere for so many years, they placed strict visa policy, just to discipline themselves to abiding with their economy policy of consuming only made in China products.
At the start, their rice & Tomatoes were once termed poisonous & hazardous to health, world were laughing at them. But today, their textile & agricultural products are the best, widely consumed allover the world… If they didn’t endure, how could they have gotten to where they are today.
We wants to eat what we likes but we don’t want to produce what we like to eat, is that not madness of the highest order? When did Abba & Igbemo(offada) Rice becomes forbidden food?
In my own opinion, whether Nigeria rice is sweet or bitter, we must eat what we produce until we get use & love our products.. boarder remains closed period.”
Let us endure…. Everything will b fine..

By Abdulaziz Alororo

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