Cameron, Sarkozy, and even Obama know the origin of Boko Haram - Tope Fasua


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"In 2008, President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua rejected a $350m arms deal from Britain to send sophisticated arms to 'secure' the crude oil production in the Niger Delta. in other words, the entire peoples of the region could have been traumatized and decimated by now.

He attended this meeting with Gordon Brown, smiled at them and returned home to start the amnesty. He was never forgiven.

Eton-trained David Cameron came later, found a willing person in Muhammadu Buhari who was ready to amplify his fraudulent rhetoric that Nigerians were 'fantastically corrupt' while he, Sarkozy and Obama sent forces to Libya to liquidate Gaddafi thereby opening the route for arms to come into Nigeria and turn BH into a global terrorist phenomenon, the type we had never seen before.

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We must remember our history. Cameron, Sarkozy, and even Obama to a lesser extent, are very dishonest people. They know what they did to traumatize Nigeria with BH.

They know what BH is. At least they have the intel which they didn't share with Nigeria. They wanted to keep taking undue advantage of us. I am with Jonathan on this. we all lived through that terrible period of time. Cameron should shut the hell up."

~~Tope Fasua.

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