Kogi Guber: The true story of attack on me today at Ankpa by some PDP miscreants - Dr Ogbo


Ordinarily, I should not have write this but for the twisting and misleading information by one notorious blackmailer, Austin Usman Okai, i have to do this to put the record straight.

This morning I received a phone call from the Coordinator of "Dr Ogbo Door - to - Door Campaign for BellOnoja 2019" informing me about their general meeting today at 4pm. I promised to attend the meeting today as scheduled.

I immediately contacted Hon. John Aduga, the Administrator of Ankpa LGA to honour me to attend the meeting. It was then Hon. John Aduga informed me of a stakeholder meeting at Ankpa which he also wanted me to attend with him at 12noon so that we can proceed to the 4pm meeting together.

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I travelled from Anyigba for the meeting at Ankpa with three (3) vehicles of which two (2) were branded with the picture of His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Bello and his running mate Chief Edward Onoja on them as sponsored by the ELF, Kogi East which I am the Chairman/Convener.

I entered Ankpa took the straight raod through the Garage down to after Owelle Primary School, where we started noticing some bike men ridding roughly chanting "sai PDP, Bello Must go". I thought there was a PDP rally there earlier that they were dispatching until we started hearing "block the road", "don't let them pass", "smatch the cars", it was then I realised that danger was loomimg.

True to those words, a black painted Hilux truly blocked the road initially until the policemen with us came to talk to them while the "stonning" were hiting our cars from all angles. It took the intervention of the Policemen and some people among the PDP crowd whom I heard saying " these are Dr Ogbo cars please free him". Even at that the attack continue unabated until we were able to turn back and escaped through another route to the Governors Lodge which is not too far from the scene of the incident.

When I arrived at the Governors Lodge and met Hon. Aduga and Hon. Ahmed Mohammed and other stakeholders and explained the incident to them, it was then I was also told that, there was similar attempt at Hon. Ahmed Mohammed, Deputy Speaker, Kogi State House of Assembly who escaped with the help of his policemen.

Accordingly, I have reported the matter to the Police at Ankpa.

Among the numerous calls that I received was that of Austin Okai whom I took my time to explain all that transpired for which he apologised to me over the incident. I am perturbed to hear from various sources that Austin took to his Facebook page to twist the story that Hon. Ahmed Mohammed and my humble self went to the venue of PDP rally to attack them.

This is rather unfortunate if the said credited statement is true. I expect Austin to be responsible beyond party pettiness and his usual lies after hearing from me directly.

I am a grassroots mobiliser that knows his worth and influence because of my impactful relationship with my people. I cannot and will not indulge in any form of violent behaviour to demonstrate my support for my preferred candidate beyond mobilisation and sensitization which I am obviously doing with noted effects.

Anyone that chose that path of violence should be ready to contend with the relevant law enforcement agencies. It is vote and not fight. We have successfully sold the BellOnoja ticket to our people and it is well received beyond the social media deceptive noise and lies.

Bellow are few pictures of the broken glass of one of the vehicles those irresponsible PDP thugs attacked.

I thank all those who out of concern put calls across to me. I am fine and Ok except the vehicles they destroyed and few other persons in the vehicles that sustained various degrees of injuries.

Please read and share until it get to those liars to counter this.

Dr. Usman Ogbo writes.


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