Nigeria @59 independent Day Speech by Hon. Wambai of Kotonkarfe


the Honorable member House of Representatives, representing Lokoja-Kotonkarfe Federal constituency, Alhaji Abdullkarim Usman Isah, (the wambai of kotonkarfe kingdom) joined well mean Nigerians to celebrate Nigeria @ 59 independent anniversary day.

Wamabai in his speech said :my fellow compatriots,
Today is a day of celebration and seriously reflection. It is the anniversary of the day Nigerians realised one of the most lovely of human desires - the desire for freedom. We, therefore, give thanks to and remember our founding fathers who laboured so hard and sacrificed so much to build and testament to us this wonderful nation. It is our duty to consolidate this great legacy.
On this first October date and on the eve month of Kogi state Governorship election, we should do well to reflect on what binds us together and the great strength our diversity bestows on us. Ours is an ambitious state, and, as citizens we have every right to look forward to the future with confidence and optimism which are well founded, considering where we find ourselves today.

Hon Abdullkarim Usman Isah used this occasion to encourage kogite to support and vote massively for Governor Yahaya Bello to returned him to office as the six executive Governor of kogi state, to ensuring smooth and enjoyable dividend of democracy.

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He further maintain that he'll continue to work tirelessly to promote, protect and preserve a united, peaceful, prosperous and secure Nigeria.
Hon Abdullkarim Usman Isah urged his peoples to consolidate on the nations great legacy and work together to ensure its progress
He made this plea on the occasion of Nigeria's 59th Independence anniversary.

In his address, the Hon Abdullkarim Usman Isah highlighted the 'steady improvement' in the security situation in his constituency where military troops,vigilante and hunters battle against Kidnapping activities and other related crime. He promised his peoples that this government is committed towards preventing the terrorist group from fulfilling its goal of forcefully taken away properties and destroy democracy.
He pay tribute to the men and women of our armed forces, the Police and other security and law enforcement agencies, who have been working under the most difficult conditions to keep the country safe. In the process, many have made the supreme sacrifice,as member of National Assembly (Legislative arm of Nigeria government) I assure our gallant men and women that I will continue to support any bill that will enhances their welfare and professionalism and providing all the necessary force multipliers and enablers required for them to prevail on the field

While speaking about flood disaster that has ravaged properties and render flood victims homeless.
Hon Abdullkarim Usman Isah reiterated his earlier position to collaborate With local and state government by self-serving to support and resolve towards finding a lasting solution and charge the victims to accept it in good faith.

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He also hails his peoples for the optimal support and making strides in prevailing their mandate at the election petition tribunal which eventually pave the way for his victory at tribunal,He promise to reciprocate his peoples mandate with genuinely, viable and effective representation.
He urge his peoples to be calm and optimistic of victory at the appeals court by God grace. He assure his peoples that justice equity and fairness will play Major role in his constituency projects across Lokoja-kotonkarife federal constituency.

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He praised Nigerian youths and highlighted their important role in nation-building, and promised to continue to work tirelessly to promote, protect and preserve a united, peaceful, prosperous and secure Nigeria.
Indeed we are gradually strengthening the economy with a stable Naira and falling inflation rate. We are building an economy that is moving away from over reliance on oil. Consequently we have witnessed massive return to farms and seen bumper harvest, despite recurrent floods across the country.
These positive developments are the result of our collective pursuit of a common vision through hard work and dedication, after the missed opportunities and disappointments that followed the return to democracy in 1999.
At the forefront, have always been our youths. They have been at the vanguard of the struggle for independence.

My fellow compatriots,
Developing a thriving democracy is not an easy task. There can be no quick fixes or short cuts. These are the most important lessons that we have learnt in our 59th years as an independent nation.
At the international level, we remain a responsible and respected member

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My Fellow compatriots
As we celebrate the 59th occasion of our country independence, we know we are on the right path. Although we have our differences, they count for far less than the values, virtues and common aspirations that unite us as a nation. We have so much for which we should be grateful, and in which we should rightly take pride. Our journey have come a long way.
"I want to make it known to you that as Hon member I will continue to work tirelessly to promote, protect and preserve what really matters: a united, peaceful, prosperous and secure Nigeria, where all, irrespective of background, can aspire to succeed".
Thank you and wish you a memorable independence celebration.

Long live federal republic of Nigeria,
Long live kogi state,
Long live lokoja-Kotonkarife federal constituency.

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