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One evening in March 2017, Flavour, on a trip to Liberia, was called by a young woman with whom he had more or less close ties.
Queen Juli, residing in Georges Weah's country, is an artist like him and breathes a surprise for him;
I would like you to come with me to the Peace cultural centre. I have a wonderful thing to show you. Would you mind ?

Flavour agrees to follow his friend. In the room where she led him, a small singer stands on the podium.
Brown shirt, black pants and shoes, microphone and cane in his hands, the boy, a teenager, is shy among the audience.
The Nigerian star, his eyes behind his eternal dark glasses, has his eyes focused on the tiniest thing standing in front of the microphone, his eyes extinguished and his voice about to turn on.
A child !
A Blind one.
The crowd, moved by the presence of the author of the successful title ''ADA ADA'', held their breath. Knowing the kid's performances and his particularity in majestically imitating Flavour's songs, she senses that sparks are likely to sparkle in the room.
Especially when the mistress of ceremony, holding a microphone, addresses the blind little singer in solemn English, like a Pastor:
"Today is a special day, because your favorite artist is in the room.
Can you hear me ? Flavour is here, in front of you. Among us.
He'll listen to you sing. Show him what you got in your gut !…"

The child on the track is called Semah Weifur. We just told him that his idol is present. The smile that runned through his lips is divine. Even his extinct eyes give lightning flashes.

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Perceptible emotion…

At the orchestra's signal, the teenager triggers the switch with his voice and all of a sudden, a light gushes into all eyes and hearts in syncope. He sings ''MAMA'', a song by Flavour with the voice of an angel.
The melody is languorous, the voice is frail, piercing and bewitching. Flavour, all dressed in black, can't help but get up. He rushed to his little musical look-alike, squatted at his waist, and held him tightly against him, to the loud applause of an emotional audience.
The boy sits on his demiurge's bent leg like a royal seat and sings while caressing his beard, head, arms…
The two FLAVOUR, the tall one and the junior one are rolled up. The tall man, who is not used to letting his eyes be discovered, takes off his dark glasses, as if to fully immerse himself in the dazzling moment he is living in.
His pupils are all sparkling.
Junior then goes on to another track in his repertoire with a gospel feel. Senior is conquered, on the verge of tears. Subjugated, he made this admission:
"I admit that he sings my songs better than me !"

Semah Weifur, blind, whose burning dream was to meet Flavour, could not have imagined that beyond the artist, he had just met above all a father

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Four months after their meeting, Flavour and Semah Weifur released ''MOST HIGH'', a musical collaboration that makes BOOM and that traces the furrows of glory to the little one. Semah Weifur now lives in Nigeria, in the splendid home of his adopted father, happy to be part to the number of his children.
Next to his twins, the Nigerian star also has a talented boy who dreams of restoring his sight as they sing in their common title:
"Lord you are the most high.
The miracle working God.
You make the BLIND man to SEE…"

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A beautiful story that shows that there are still people in this world with extraordinary humanism ! MOST HIGH !

Writed in french by Louis-César BANCÉ

And translated to English by Auguste Konan


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