The 6am - 6pm cyclist Ban in Eket is Iretractable


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…The Executive Chairman of Eket, Hon. Frank Archibong, said this during a meeting with Cyclist Operators, yesterday in Eket, also in a seperate Press briefing in his Office.

Hear him..

"The last time the decision to ban Cyclist in Eket was taken, It was rescinded for adjustment, but instead, the crime is escalating, it is getting heavier and stronger than it were. I stand to be corrected, 99% of this crime, is either carried out or aided by the Cyclist operators"

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"I want to use this opportunity to thank His Excellency the Governor for making the pronouncement. The security situation in the Local Government has degenerated so much that people are leaving Eket in droves. A lot of people that built their houses in Eket to stay and raise their families, are now selling off or rented out them out and moves to Uyo".

"Investors are running away. I had reasons to meet with three persons that wanted to come to Eket to open a large scale retail shops, but upon hearing the security situation, jettisoned the idea. These are the things I won't want to continue here in my Local Government Area"

"The incessant phone snatching and bag theft from market women, traders and young girls, would be reduced with the ban on the Cyclist operators"

"My pain in the ban is the plight that the traders, especially the market women would be facing after 6pm, is what really concerned me, hence our resolve as a Local Government, to partner with some private investors, and they have decided to invest in the transport sector. SO BY MONDAY, 30TH. SEPTEMBER 2019, WE WILL BEGIN TO TAKE DELIVERY OF THE FIRST BATCH OF 50 MINI BUSES, that would be plying here, we have also discuss with other bus operators in Uyo to bring their buses to Eket"

The Chairman assures Eket people that very soon the present condition would be a thing of the past, and would become a normal thing as it is now in Ikot Ekpene and Uyo, and today, Ikot Ekpene and Uyo are safer than when the Cyclists were operating.

Hon. Archibong said, in any developing economy, there must be that period of Change. So it is also time for us to change from commercial motorcycle to mini buses and taxis in Eket.

He however warned some social media influencers and members of the public to resist from staying in the comfort of their homes to write anything they like against or abuse the government just because they have a phone and data. He frowned that hitherto journalism was investigative but these days quacks just write anything from their own perspective and angle without caring to investigate and authenticate their facts before dropping it on the public space.

Finally the ALGON Chairman said His Excellency Deacon Udom Emmanuel, at everywhere he goes, holds his head very high, that Akwa Ibom state is a very peaceful State, so a Chairman of Eket Local Government Area, i want to also say the same about Eket, more so that, the number one responsibility of government is to protect and secure lives and properties.

So if we just seat back to watch certain criminal elements move the way they move, Eket would be a ghost town in no distance time. He submitted.

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