Remove the N90b Fraud post - Osinbajo’s lawyer to Media House: The End Game? - Chidi Cali.


Chidi Cali has described the order by the lawyer of the Vice President Yemi Osinbanjo to Media house to removed N9 Billions fraud allegations that had gain momentum, as shocking.

He said: Shocking! So, it is just to remove a post is the reason the embattled VP is engaging two SANs?
Osinbajo is not comfortable with the news linking him with N90b Taken from GOVT Treasury courtesy the FIRS for APC Campaign during the general election.
However, the VP must be reminded that Nigerians saw the two Bullion Vans On The eve Of the election.

One thing I don’t understand is, why Osinbajo is worried about the accuracy of things said or written about him? It is ludicrous coming from a man who has been deliberately misinforming Nigerians in the last 5 years.
Osinbajo has taken the job of throwing fabricated and inaccurate figures of Govt expenditures on various capital projects ($2b spent 2nd Niger bridge a project of $295m) for reasons best known to him.
Sadly the same man that continually gives inaccurate accounts about the previous Govt of GEJ and insisting that he will not stop misinforming or talking about PDP and their 16 years is jumping from pillar to post chatting about defamation.
Now Osinbajo can see how painful it is to defame, misinform people. This is what ordinary Nigerians have tolerated from him for about 5 years.

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Lastly, those advising the VP to institute legal actions against his perceived detractors and the empty threat of jettisoning his immunity should have a rethink.
The Nigerian public have loads of information, don’t underestimate them or push your luck too much. Going for these ‘Micky Mouse’ cases will lead you to inadvertently providing the leeway for those scheming to push you out office.

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