Gov. Has learn his lesson now, he can do better in his second term, Musa Sadiq tell Tunde Adaba


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"Now let me ask Patrick Adaba this question:
When you are deputy to Audu what do we EBIRA gain from your government, in your time Audu change obangede teaching hospital name what do u do to it?"

Ah EBIRA Adami.
Why NA why are we like this
Why can't we come together like igala do
Who told you igala like us
Where do you see we are one, did igala believe thAT?
they rule kogi for good 16 years without any developments yet they are shouting bello must go, it must be igala man.
Who told you PDP dnt know what they are doing by choosing igala Man.
Don't you see that igala people are greedy and selfish?
One of igala man told me that he no want to know if wada is good or bad all what he want is igala to be governor. And he said he know that they have population more than us, they cooperate more than us. He said he know that every igala man will vote for wada.
Now let me ask Patrick Adaba this question:
When you are deputy to Audu what do we EBIRA gain from your government, in your time Audu change obangede teaching hospital name what do u do to it?
When Audu take what belongs to all kogi to his town you are there what do you do to it?,
I can see you are shouting wada wada but you forget that no matter how you support them sir they will never take you like their son. I know you guys will fail.
Now to you Obeha :
Am sorry sir o, you are a senate when Obasanjo sell Ajakuta iron steel to indian what do you do to it sir?
And sir who told you that west can not be governor?
Why dnt you fight for that sir? Why are you selling your people to igala sir? West am sorry you guys dnt have politician o they are just a thief.
And to Natasha: Do I hate you? No I dnt hate you how can i hate a vibrant and wonderful woman who want to bring development to my father land, I canvas for you during your senate bid which means I love you.
But why did I said you made a mistake?
You made a mistake MA but is not your fault is those who want to use you and collect your money like they do to kabiru, MA if you can listen to me MA you can ask from any strong and elderly politician about kabiru, they push him and collect his money till his pocket dry, after they collect his money they trow him to one corner. MA have you ever had about kabiru name again? That is what they want to do to you ma.
MA what about senator M. S OHIARE, they push him to collect ticket of ACN, after they finish him and he loose the election to IBRAHIM (Ibro) EBIRA still went ahead and deceive him to collect deputy to Audu,
My queen have you head about him too?
You can ask from philip salawu what EBIRA do to him when he want to contest for governor,
You can ask from col. Amodu too MA,
You can still ask akino MA what EBIRA do to him,
They are just try to deceive you, they want to finish your money, they want to empty your pocket.
Ma'am do you know why they hate yahaya bello
Because he refuse to give them money.
I did not say you are not right to contest but MA me and you know that is not easy for you to win the election,
So PLS dnt divide our vote. There is different between senate and governorship, senate is just within us.
Yahaya bello is only the candidate who can fight for our right.
See yahaya bello is trying to carry every body along,
Me o I like and support yahaya bello..
I rest my case for now…… But if any EBIRA son and daughter vote for igala because of one way or the other ohiku EBIRA will never forgive you.
I just want you guys to come together and support yahaya bello, I believe he can do it, he has learn his lesson now. Come together and support your brother…

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