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The Oba Museqiu ldowu Abiodun Oniru passed away on September 23, 2019, his death was officially announced in keeping with tradition.

I do appreciate the immense pain that the unfortunate death of the Late Oba ldowu Abiodun has caused his Oloris, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren Oniru Royal Family, Akinsemoyin Royal Family, Aromire Chieftaincy family, Ajah Community and the entire people of the lru/lmahin land in particular and Lagos State in general, who must be grieving at the demise of the Oba.

Oba ldowu Abiodun was, undoubtedly, a very eminent citizen and his death will be felt not only by his people but indeed, the entire nation. We can, nevertheless, be consoled from knowing that Oba ldowu Oniru has gone to rest in the bosom of his Maker and left behind him a good name and worthy legacy. Indeed, ‘Erin wo’. Agba Awo ti fine owo Tutu le le.

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We have been inspired, over the years, by Oba ldowu Abiodun Oniru’s most impressive career as a tested manager of men and resources, a proprietor of repute, and an industrialist of distinction. He truly distinguished himself as a businessman of note.

Oba ldowu Abiodun Oniru was crowned the 14th Oba Oniru. In 1995, he was accorded official recognition as a first class Oba and crowned at a most colourful ceremony. The Oba, who hails from Akiogun Ruling House took the official title of His Royal Majesty, Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru, (Akiogun II) Oniru of Iruland. While still waiting for the court’s verdict to confirm the family’s decision on his appointment as the Oniru-Elect, the Prince continued the land issue from where his father left it at his death.

He wasted no time in assembling expert opinions to advise him on the best way to develop the 732 acres of land currently at the disposal of the family. At the end of the brain-storming exercise, a plan to sand fill the land and develop it into a modern estate was arrived at and its implementation had made rapid progress since 1994. Prior to the take-off of the development plan, the period 1991-93 was spent in vigorous planning, negotiations with intending contractors and inspection visits.

Oba Idowu Oniru believes that he was not the HIS PET PROJECT first Oniru and he would not be the last. Therefore, he believes that the little land that is left for the family must be so well planned to provide for the resettlement of the family members, who would also be given preference in commercial plots on the Estate. The Oba has established a Work Yard some where on the Estate where youths in the family would retrained in Concrete Technology and encouraged to work in the yard.

His main objective is to have more and more employment-generating enterprises such as the British International School set up on the Oniru Private Estate from which the youths of the family could benefit. His Royal Majesty looks forward to the time when youths of the family would be employed as engineers, site supervisors and in other professional areas or set up their enterprises. He enjoined those abroad to come home and invest on the Estate.

The late Oba ldowu Abiodun Oniru was a patriotic and highly respected traditional ruler who had immeasurable love for his people and great faith in a united Nigeria. His staunch support was appreciated and would always be remembered for it. He, accordingly, stood out as a voice of honesty and forthrightness in national affairs. He was at the same time a fervent promoter of mutual tolerance and understanding not only among the diverse people who lived in his domain but also across the country. Today, there can be no gainsaying that his nearly twenty-five years reign was marked by unprecedented peace-making and lasting peace and prosperity in lru and Lagos State entirely.

The late Oba Oniru followed the tradition of his great predecessors. He was a great traditional leader, urbane and respected by his subjects. His influence transcended the Kingdom of Iru and, indeed, Lagos State. He stood shoulder to shoulder with traditional rulers across Nigeria and beyond the shore of Nigeria and was very well respected among his counterparts from the South-West, North and East. He was a unifying force not just in Iru/lmahin land but in the whole of the South Western zone and beyond.

From Ademola Oladega Akinsemoyin.

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