Kogi State Assembly called for regulations of private schools operations in the State


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Today plenary session, Kogi State House Of Assembly, the chief whip, Hon.Muktar Bajeh presented a Motion "Calling On The State Government To Regulate The Operations Of Private Schools In KOGI State".

Wheras the important of Education to any society cannot be over emphasized. It is the nucleus of the socio- economic, political growth and development of the society through which the standard of living of the people are guaranteed.

Wheras in realisation of this importance, Education was made one of the eight cardinal points in the United Nation declaration of the year 2000 Millennium Development Goals that now transformed into the Sustainable Development Goal(SDG).

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Whearas the attainment and sustenance of this goal will only be a mirage in the state if private individuals are given the loose free will to establish schools anyhow and charged what manner of fees they desire.

A survey round the private primary/secondary schools in the state today reveals a sorry situation. Many of the private schools across the state operate under highly unimaginable, uncondusive environments. Abandoned buildings are turned to schools in some cases. While most of the schools with normal building structures lack the necessary learning environments for outdoor activities such as Sports, Games etc that form the integral part of our all round Education. They operate under very poorly ventilated classrooms. The quality of Education given by many of these schools leaves much to be desired. Besides occupying the schools with poorly paid unqualified teachers, they charge exorbitant school fees on the children who gain nothing from the school but mere rhetoric's.

Wheras, as much as the Government encourages the establishment of private schools, efforts should be made to tele-guide the mode of operation of these schools in the state in order to make Education worthy of it's salt.

Therefore, to check the excesses of private schools operators in the state, Hon.Muktar Bajeh urge this Honourable House to resolve as follows:

1-That the ministry of Education be mandated to carry out a censor on the private schools in the state.

2- To know their mode of operation for a better delivery.

3- That the Ministry of Education should enforce the standard it establishes for all private schools in the state in terms of structures, learning environment, teachers/teaching facilities and chargeable school fees in accordance with the standard of various schools.

4- That the committee on Each should liase with Commissioner of Education to map out strategies for a better regulatory measures for the operations of the private schools.

Rt.Hon.Ahmed Muhammed, the deputy speaker seconded the motion by urging the house to checkmate the private schools because the charges are much, the structures are bad, not conducive for our children's as he urged the ministry of Education to be involved.

Conclusively, the speaker appreciates the mover of the motion and supported the motion as he suggested that the house committee on Education should liase with the Educational Authorities of Kogi state and take an overall accessment of the numbers of private schools across the state to confirm if they are registered to be operating or not and make a report within 3 weeks.

Signed: Comr. Williams
Media Aide To Chief Whip

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