AN ebira man said i will vote for YAHAYA BELLO my fellow Ebira man,you said it developmental Agenda and continuity Agenda.

I Enemama Sam Akubor, said i will vote and support my fellow Igala man, you call it tribal ,ethnic, or sentimental agenda.

What is wrong with your political and social mentality?.I have no apology, for if fail to support the restoration of Igala political dignity, God in heaven,my ancestors and my fellow full blooded igalas will be angry with me.

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Igala is the largest in terms of population and political strength ,with 49% of the total voting capacity,we deserve all the political honors due to us, politics/democracy is a game of majority carry the vote. GIVE TO CEASAR WHAT BELONGS TO CAESAR ,

IGALA NATION we are waiting for YAHAYA BELLO and his co data boys or sycophants, GYB said with 6.000 naira we the igala can sell our wives and political conscience. we are waiting .

Trust the Igala, we shall collect our money, and follow our nationalistic spirit. We can leave or vote against our brother in other to please a non-performing stranger.

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Let them continue the propaganda, we shall show them the greatest political scam and betrayal come November 2019.

The man CALLED yahaya bello is an enemy of the Igala nation. When it comes to the issue of GYB SCHOLASHIP SCHEME: less than 10 igala son and daughters were selected, while over 1000 Ebira son and daughters were selected .Also when it comes to citing developmental project like rice plantation and factory igala are not worth it.

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GYB administration only remembers Igala nation when it comes to issues of making or turning our land into cattle colony, sacking of LECTURERS and civil servants of Igala origin. What about the neglect of flood victims, our infrastructure are worst off. In terms of appointment the so called IGALA data boys and sycophants are given COMMISSIONER/ SSA on washing plates at luggard house SSA on polishing EDWARD ONOJA SHOE ETC while juicy SSA on Finance, mining, works ,or rural development are given to his kinsmen

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The call for the removal of yahaya Bello goes beyond that of him been a minority, or that of religion, but that of performance. you can expect re-election without performance.

Whether IGALA AGENDA OR ANY AGENDA that will liberate kogi state is a welcome Agenda. Yahaya bello must go………………..

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