Ambrose Ali 30th Memorials, Edo Governor after Ali has failed Edo people - Enaholo Abel


The Greatest Esan Man ever liveth, the Greatest State Governor I ever known of in Nigeria. We Remember you today, we miss you so much and forgetting you is what we can attempt because 20% of all what you Achieved is the most Difficult thing to become a Reality in Contemporary Politics. We will not forget how you lived and died for the people. We will not forget how you Declared Free Education in Bendel state, we will never forget the Solid road Construction you provided all around Bendel, we won't forget how the Allocation from Federal Government to Bendel was seized by Federal Government just to Frustrate your Free Education program when they saw your Free Education in Bendel was making you more popular than the Federal Government itself.

We won't forget the Free meal, we won't forget the your utmost desire in seeing the Son of a Poor man sitting with the Son of a Rich man and learning under same Structure. We won't forget how you solved the Problem of Unemployment, Poverty and Inequality in Bendel. We won't forget how some Countries where finding it difficult to establish a University, but you broke the record by establishing the First State University which has been named after you, the Ambrose Alli University. But, we will not also stop weeping for the purpose for which you establish the University has long been destroyed. The Benins are going back home for inability to pay the huge school fees, the Afemais are returning to their places because they do not have so much to pay as school fees, pay house rent and feed, the Esan people are here with the University and unable to attend as a result huge amount tagged as school fees in the University. Dear Father and Great brother, that very University you established for the us all in Edo state is no longer a University, it has been converted to Company where Revenue is generated for the State Government or the management.

Dear Daddy of Blessed memory, since you Ruled in Bendel that have now turned Edo and Delta state, Delta has experienced a lot of Development with Companies, Factory and Industries, but in Edo state, they are still Constructing road, no single standing/working Industry, Company of Factory has been built by any State Government since you left us many years ago, while the ones built by one Government will not be continued or completed by the others, the ones you left behind have been mismanaged, destroyed ND killed. Yet, while there are Companies, Factories and Industries in Delta state where Deltan Parents will work and earn so much, in Edo there is non and absolutely no single reasonable one, yet, in the same Delta state Great Alli of Blessed memory, you see that Affiliate you built in Delta, it has become a University called Delta state University and the most interesting thing is, as I said earlier, while there are Companies, Factories and Industries in Delta state where Deltan Parents will work and earn so much, this same Delta State University Pay lesser School fees than Ambrose Alli University which is in a State that have no place where our parents work and earn money. Ambrose Alli N'aba, in this same Delta State University, Delta State Government has Polished it with Giant Structures and Infrastructural Development that the Beauty and Infrastructure of that school is now being compared to those of Developed Countries oversea. But in Ambrose Alli University of Edo state my Great Professor, a common Administrative Structure that was started about 20 years ago is still ongoing on campus…..😭😭😭😢😢 It may be shameful to say it, but it is the Truth my Great Father of Blessed Memory, Edo State Government are destroying your Legacy, whether as a result of Tribalism, whether as a result of Nepotism, whether as a result of Gross Incompetence, daddy we do not know.

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Daddy, TETFUND has done for AAU what all the Government after you put together have not even done half of. Facilities are now being built by TETFUND from one administration of one Vice Chancellor to the other, TETFUND have impact in Ambrose Alli University, especially in this Present Administration of this current Vice Chancellor who is using the TETFUND resources to give the University a good look and name, and the Struggles of the Academic Staff Union of University has brought about many of this TETFUND attention.

Alli N'Omon, Alli N'baba, Alli N'abba, Edo state Government has failed the the Poor, they have failed the sons and daughters of the Commoners in Edo state whose purpose you worked hard to lay down this Legacy. While even some Professors and Literates that passed through this University on Free Education have been and still very much part of the Government and are not concerned whether the school fees is high or not, very many of these professors even as Lecturers in Ambrose Alli University today are deceiving us and making us believe that there is no where Education is Free or at a very low rate in the world. And just as they have continued to justify this Injustice, a Governor emerge few months in that same very big Oyo state that you know of, and he declare Free Education in all Primary and Secondary schools and reduced the University Fee drastically from 250,000 to just 65,000 😰😰😢😢

Great one, Father of many, Leader of Edo and Delta, Hero of Bendel, I do not really want to start how your person has been forgotten by the Edo state Government to the extent where your Statue at your home in Emuado is now being held by two big would not to fall to the group, no, I won't go that far today because it is shameful and at the same time painful to talk about the ugly situation of your very home, grave site and status in Emaudo the last time I saw it, but, we all weep not only because you have left us, we weep because the Big Shoe you left behind has remains very empty with no single one quality to fit into the Shoe and while every people of the world will have the Vacuum left behind by their Fallen Hero and Great Men reduced and filled by Great and Greater leaders to come after, the Great Vacuum which you left behind is becoming bigger, wider and wider as a result of the absence of anyone to give us even 20% of what you gave to us.

Yesterday, the Vacuum wan as wide as the the Northern Well, today, it is as Wide as 20 Southern Well/undergroun tank put together and we are however afraid if this Vacuum will not become as large as River Niger tomorrow as a result of the System Pathology, caused by the Bad Governance of Contemporary Politicians, especially those of the 21st Century who has ruled Edo. Great Hero of that thence and now, while we beg Oluwa to Shower his Blessings on every of our Lineage and Blood here on Earth Great Ambrose Folorunso Alli, we beg you to Pray for the State in your Comfort Zone for a Better Governance for our hope belong to no man but God, even as we Pray to Osenobla N'abba to grant you Peace and Eternal Rest our Great Hero, you're Well and Highly Remembered and Honoured by those who Value you Great One, Rest On Daddy for Osenoblah Debae-egherebhe Abba!


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