Yahaya Bello is not what was mostly projected to the public. He has never being a valiant or macho man as his aides and sympathizers portrayed him to be. All that you see about him on video, Facebook and other platforms, including the slogan "the white lion" are nothing but mere acting. The white lion mantra is a gimmick performed by a good actor in a make believe situation. Just like in WWE where wrestlers were made to act certain character. For instance, The Undertaker also known as The Dead Man Walking; you would see him approaching the ring with a coffin, walking in slow motion pretending to be a ghost in order to scare his opponent and at the same time entertain the audience. if you were deceived to believe that WWE is real, you will also be easily deceived to believe the white lion undefeated streak is real.

Nonetheless, I must give Yahaya Bello the credit for been a good actor. He acted his script perfectly and successfully swayed a vast majority of youths in the state who are beginning to see him as their white lion.

But what many do not know is the reality of the true situation going on under the water. In reality, Bello is a mousey man with refractory inferiority complex, hence, he's too afraid to dare engage his opponents on a fair playing ground. This explains why he often act aggressively towards situation, this is a way of disguising his weaknesses, flaws, inferiority complex and fears.

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During the build up to the primaries election he became very uneasy to the point he suffered shock and panic attack anytime he hears the name V-admiral Usman Jibrin. So we were told by an insiders. The name of Jibrin became so penetrating and piercing to the extend it made him catch cold. It was like a cup of deadly poison served to him every morning he wakes up. he dreaded that name so much that he suffers sleepless nights.

To avoid his fear he needed to take every measures in the book to stop V-admiral Usman Jibrin from contesting against him. One thing majority of Kogites don't know is that Yahaya is a very emotional man, soft and easily breaks down. but the obvious trait about him is his heavy, reckless spending. It was these attribute of his that drew sympathy towards him from the national stakeholders of the party.

We know how many billions of naira Yahaya Bello had to offer with begging and tears rolling down his chick, and his face contorted with a nervous tick, while kneeling before some of national leaders of the party. Crying that the party should not allow V-admiral Usman Jibrin contest with him and disgrace him. It was his many tears and reckless spending that paved way for sympathy and reconsideration for his candidacy. after all these behind the scene begging and crying, he then comes before the public appearing like the boss, posing before camera and flashing 4+4 fingers.

Even with the indirect primaries and V-admiral usman jibrin out of the race. still, Yahaya Bello wasn't so sure of himself. we all witnessed what went on during the primaries. He suspiciously monitor the delegate's each moves in the election field, to the extent Edward onoja was the one writing Yahaya bello's name for the delegates on ballot paper and also ensured that his agent monitored the delegates as they walked down to the location of the ballot box.

Yahaya bello is human after all, not the white lion or the beast we were made to believe. That is why I laugh anybody putting Yahaya bello on the pedestal. I NANA assure you that come November Yahaya bello will be gone.

Credit Ogirima Nana Sule



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