By A.M Danjumah

Kogi State is a state in the North Central geopolitical region of Nigeria. Among the states in North Central, Kogi State was like an orphan State among others suffering from all sorts of deprivations and relegations.
There were about three elected executive governors in the past but with almost zero percentage of recorded success.

They came into power as political business men to milk the state dry and deprive it of the opportunity to experience growth and development. All they left the state with were poverty, social unrest, stagnation, marginalization, collapsed traditional, educational and economic institutions. The only institution working perfectly and actively then was religious institution because its sustainability has political advantage (Religiousity).

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The coming of Gov. Yahaya Bello changed the aforementioned ugly narrative. What three past governors could not jointly do or achieve for almost 16 years, Bello did in less than four years.

Gov. Bello gave Kogi electricity.

Gov. Bello gave Kogi needed drinkable water via sinking of boreholes in strategic areas.

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Gov. Bello gave Kogi a new face lift in the area of infrastructure.

Gov. Bello gave Kogi adequate security needed to drive development.

Gov. Bello unites the State via indiscriminate employment and equal distribution of state resources.

Gov. Gov. Bello liberate Kogi from its state of inferiority among other neighbouring states to State of envy to others.

Gov. Bello injects life into the traditional institution.

Gov. Bello built a stronger APC Kogi chapter.

The above mentioned verifiable and testifiable leadership miracles of Gov. Bello, earned him the description of a leader with vision, mission, passion and dedication .

The just conducted and concluded APC Primary election where GYB emerged as the flag bearer of the party to contest governorship election again to continue in office should be a great lesson to other political leaders, intending future aspirants, people with political appointments to toil the part of active performance in office.

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This message goes to the people of Kogi state in whose hands is vested the power of choosing a leader via the poll by voting.

Yahaya Bello today doesn't need Kogi people much as Kogi people needs him.
He wasn't a governor when he personally built a transport company by himself and for himself.

He wasn't a governor when he carried humanitarian services on head helping the needy as his own nature.

He wasn't Kogi governor when he made huge donation in cash and kind to APC party at its formation stage from his own hard earned money.

He wasn't Kogi governor when he was establishing contacts with people within and outside the country, gaining popularity and fame all over the world.

He wasn't Kogi governor when he periodically supply cars in number to his family to be shared among relatives to experience a good life.

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Why the people of Kogi state need him more is that, while Yahaya Bello made himself successful independent of Kogi state, Kogi state got saved and liberated by him dependently. And for this upgrade in the State status to continue, the people of Kogi State need Yahaya Bello for more years in office to give chance to more recorded achievements in the state such that when he leaves the office after his eight years, he would have taken Kogi state to a certain level of envy and created standard of leadership that whoever succeeds him can use as a template to keep moving the state forward.

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