Most Nigerian celebrities are a disgrace Jimi Aigbe


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Most Nigerian celebrities are a disgrace…..

Sado mane has been building schools in his home country Senegal….DROGBA has been building clinics…Akon providing light in his country …but what has our celebrities been doing?

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Opening clubs houses….making useless noise on social media and the other one was teaching people how to do masturbation dance. The female ones would be posting how their fake boyfriend's gave them range rover on their birthday and how they had a birthday bash of 20 million.

Peter okoye who cannot point to one project in his home community said he would give Tacha 60 million naira if she didn't win BBN….And we think there is nothing wrong with our brains in this country? DAVIDO went to tell Osun people to vote for his Uncle when he hasn't even drilled one bore hole in Osun state despite having "30 billion for the account ".

Iyanya graduated from the Univeristy of Calabar…whilst he was in MTN project fame I know how Unical students mobilized to have him win the show…but since he became a star has he donated even one class room chair to Unical?
Those are the people we glory in Nigeria…bunch of disgrace. Kudos to the few who try with their widow's mite…
People make you a celebrity,it's only normal that you give back to the society that made you.

Tomorrow the same useless celebrities would come and tell you to protest against government when they that have made money from you cannot do any social project even In their village. We always feel it's only Government that should do things when we are infact the government.

Look inside you…yes you….you and I contribute in making Nigeria backward.


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