By: Igala Teacher

Without sounding immodest and with great respect to our non Igala brothers and sisters of Kogi state, this intervention is designed to inspire the Igala people to count their lose with APC as a political party, it is not intended to undermine the existence or strength of other tribes and if it appears so, I apologize profusely.

Now, I shall take time to highlight few of many reasons why no Igala man should support APC in Kogi at the November, 2019 gubernatorial election.

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Before I go into that, I like to lay a foundation to my argument. Politics is a game of numbers and the higher the population, the stronger a course. Narrowing it down to Kogi, the Igala people are the majority in Kogi, I do not want to cite statistics, but the results of elections since 1993 is an empirical evidence.

Having noted that, in the wake of the 2015 gubernatorial election of Kogi State, Abubakar Audu, an Igala man who was leading that election died mysteriously. Let us not go into any conspiracy theory around his death, the question I ask is: why will APC employ a nonexistent rule to transfer his votes to an Ebira man? There is no way you can argue it, Audu won that election because of his tribe, if Audu were to be Ebira, he would not have won that election. But APC, in a brazen show of disrespect for the political strength of the Igala people; decided to dash the Igala votes to an Ebira man.

Imagine an Ebira man winning senatorial election and his votes are transferred to an Ogori man, it will be war.

Imaging a Fulani man of northern Kaduna winning gubernatorial election and APC transferring his votes to a Kaje man from southern Kaduna. It will be massive war.

Imaging a Hausa man winning presidential election in Nigeria and his votes transferred to an Ibo man, it is not even imaginable. But here we are in Kogi, the same thing was done to the Igala people.

To think of it that APC retained James Faleke as Bello's running mate is the peak of disrespect. That left the Igala people completely out of scheme.

The Chief Judge at the time was Ebira, the Speaker of the Assembly was Okun and APC was bold enough to foist an Ebira governor and Okun deputy on us.

Thankfully, Faleke declined and they went for Simon Achuba who became the highest Igala man in the government, but they made him practically useless. As if that was not enough, they are now set to have him impeached for crying after being flogged.

With all these on ground, one would expect strong rebellion from the Igala people, but we have been calm, waiting for an opportunity to show our dissatisfaction. The opportunity came in 2019 general election, I expected the Igala people to vote massively against APC, just to show dissatisfaction for the party because that was the only way we could show it legally. But we were deceived. I remember clearly, those who came to campaign for APC candidates to Igala people would first disassociate themselves from Bello, stressing that they are not campaigning for Bello. Our ever trusting people bought the lies, they voted for Buhari and other APC candidates at that election, APC won, the next thing we saw was Bello taking the glory.

When it was time to constitute the federal cabinet, APC did not consider the Igala people, because we did not matter. It means that the Igala man in the highest government position as of today is Achuba, the redundant and rubbished deputy governor who by the way is about to be impeached for frivolous reasons.

Then came the Kogi gubernatorial primary election, APC has again confronted the Igala people with its usual disrespect for our strength by disqualifying major Igala contenders. If Jibrin, Onalo, Lulu and all the Audus are disqualified, then what else do we want from APC before we disqualify the party?

At the risk of sounding immodest and with great respect for our non Igala brothers and sisters in Kogi, this is a battle for our superiority and this is our last opportunity.

APC's Yahaya Bello either losses this election or we remain irrelevant forever.

Tell your brothers and sisters to come home and vote against APC, just to show APC that we are not comfortable with what they have done to us. It is a duty you owe yourself and Igala children yet unborn.

I am Igala Teacher and I am voting against APC by November, 2019.


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