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1602 from east : Expect no keenly contested primary between Bello and others. With Edward, who is obviously strong in that corridor, Bello may clinch nothing less than 1250: leaving remaining votes for Jibrin. Should I add others again ? OK o!

Welcome to the west. My home ! Assuming we got 1137 to run with, with Babatunde Irukera coming in, one would have expected him landing with miracle. He actually did. But he neither brought for himself nor for Jibrin. He brought for Bello. He played consciously or unconsciously the role of John heralding Bello's victory knowingly or unknowingly. He has not come to win. But in fairness to him, I Ben Ben Fashagba, a brother from Okun land should believe: he also did not come planning to lose.

West is where some persons calculated that Jibrin will Fly. Unfortunately and fortunately depending on which camp, Irukera's coming will throw spanners in his work . He is not going to reequip or recover from Edward Onoja and Yahaya Bello East treatment. The ones that would have willingly gone his way must drink from the cup of emotions and sentiment which can not be 100% separated from politics: therefore , those ones will boldly if there is anything like that or secretly vote Babatunde Irukera. Jibrin will get some votes which will of course not build his idea of it. Irukera's vote will also do him no good. Not wasted. Not useful.
Bello will cruise home with more than 800 votes.

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Bello's votes may be propelled anywhere in Kogi with money, which is a strong factor in politics. Some will vote for Buhari in Bello. Some will also vote for themselves in Bello. These are people that have been hated and insulted so much. They have been threatened openly and secretly: They have been attacked directly or indirectly with evidences showing that Bello's exit will bring them swimming in dishonor.

They know clearly that voting Bello out will empower those that already hate them. It will empower this same group of politicians against them. Meanwhile, they will never be appreciated. They can see the handwriting on the wall.

Hand me gorigo. Wow ! I am already in the Central. This is where we have the Ebiras, Ogori Magongo…. Here is predominantly dominated by the Ebiras. Bello does not need a DNA in Ebira land just like Edward & Jibrin in Igala and my okun brother Irukera who is even a prince from Egbe in Okun land..

Bello may cruise home 800 unscratched ! This is the Governor's home I repeat. Omo eni oni se di bebere, ka fi leke si di omo elo miran. No matter how ugly, it is common sense to adorn one's child.

After confirming that we have 12 Aspirants from the East, 3 from the west and 1 from central :
realists should get set to congratulate Bello after APC primary. # OTITO KORO !

by Ben Fashagba


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