How Oby Ezekwesili approached the issue on the humiliation on Senator Ike Ekweremadu in Germany.


Major General Idris Alkali was mobbed and killed by Pro-Buhari Fulani protesters in Jos while on his way to his home state, Bauchi in 2018.
In 2015, Muslims and Fulani mob on different occasions pelted stones at President Jonathan in Katsina and Bauchi states respectively.

In 2019, Yoruba protesters in Ogun State threw stones and garbage at President Buhari during his Presidential Campaign.
What I understand is that only Igbo people do not have rights to protest or react to Political issues.

Yesterday in Lagos State, Yoruba attacked Hausa/Fulani Tomatoe and Pepper traders killing 3 people and injuring dozens of Northerners, if same incident happened in Anambra State most Igbo women on Facebook from Ebonyi state and those caste communities in Imo State will start writing hate posts against all Igbo and they will weave in Biafra, Civil war stories and IPOB into their posts.
Imagine if what happened against Buhari in Ogun State, or what happened to Major General Alakali in Jos happened in Abia State.

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Some of you people are just suffering from identity crisis arising from inferiority complex.

In Addition: Former Senate President, Saraki was also attacked in Ilorin last year

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