Man Narrate how woman living at Daudu IDP camp in Nigeria suffering from scabies, and anemia



I told you guys days ago, that some months back I went for data collection in one of the IDP camps @ Daudu with United Nations Human Right (UNHR) and met this woman seriously itching her body, while people were running away from her because she was smelling and blood was on her as well because of the forceful itching.

A donor saw the post and ordered me with all financial obligation to go bring the lady to the hospital so she can be treated properly and all bills on him. I paid for an ambulance and headed straight to the camp yesterday evening, picked her and the daughter to the hospital at Foundation.

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Dr. Ijiko called in a skin specialist who assesed her and confirmed she was suffering from scabies, was chronically anaemic and needed blood asap. The donor had spoken to Dr. Mike Ijiko that whatever it will cost should be on him and sent some money as well as part payment. The donor called me this morning to go get beverages for the woman and daughter and also get them clothes and cater for their feeding as well.

The interesting thing about this man (donor) is, we have never met before but he has followed me here for long not even saying a word to me/commenting on my updates even. He is also planning a huge intervention on one of the big camps in Benue state and iv given him some data to work with so that enough relief materials will be provided for the displaced people.

I want to use this opportunity to thank him and all those who share my updates for others to see and bring succour to the downtrodden. May God bless y’all and replenish from where ever you have taken that money to bless other souls, amen.

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Il be bringing daily update about this woman while in the hospital here @ Foundation. If you wanna assist her and her daughter with cloths,food and cash then I can be reached on 08069082285. Cheers

By Ukan Kurugh

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