Whenever a child is given birth to they appear with their hands close, little do we know the mission inside the enclosed hands until the time unveil it for mortals to appreciate and benefits from the inherent blessings endowed in that mere hands. It's unarguable that all newly child are replica example of such just as the legal encyclopedia in the person of Hon Bar Tanko, the Osuku born legend.

Barrister Tanko Osuku as he's fondly called, is one of the famous mobile and legal property in Lokoja/Koto Federal Constituency and beyond. This is to suffice that we as constituents are proud of you. As its entails, he can hardly be ignored or underrated on issue concerning legal terminology in his clime therefore, it's not gainsaying to hyperbolically symbolised him as 'igenekbe' meaning touch and itch. in other words, when disrespectfully approach hence one will be force to engage in irrational itches and mental scramble.

Without mincing words, the legal angel can be cynically and metaphorically referred to or better put, can't be separated from the aforementioned attributes in any legal field due to his proportional application of legal term to his admirable audience and spectators alike. The type that can best be described as making friends than foes. No wonder his political exposure in Lokoja/Koto Federal Constituency and beyond raise him above his clime when electoral matters of tribunal magnitude come to fore.

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It's no longer new in his silent mood and simile contribution that is boldly written on the wall of the ongoing tribunal brouhaha, a germane scenario that depicts the legal acquaintance inherent in the Osuku born gem.
In paraphrase, those silent qualities his can only be seen within the circle of those who observe silently and thus appreciate how kolanut last long in the mouth of those who value it.

Hence it's popular to say that his outstanding qualities, commitment and performances in all field of legal endeavors viewing his victory in the previous tribunal and others legal assignments which are adjudged in every quarter especially in the silent qualities of cross-examination, an indication that has hitherto unmasked the masqueraded witnesses paraded by petitioner in the recent time. Thank God we are blessed with a legal authority like you!

Experience has equally yoked that one can vehemently thrive to veil his quality but can't succeed in concealing his choice of words he do device to marshal his prey even if it involve cajoling them especially when involved in nailing sailing points to his credit, the same attributes which has in many time edge him above others who are involved in mere child play in the name of distorting point.

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It's pertinent to note that in any legal business the judge has its final reserve whistle cum prowess to place white above the black, especially on the recent one where the quality of presentation come to play as carefully handle by competent and balance jurist.

Meritoriously, the careful selection of hands that fit in pricking the nose to marshal the case involving the divine child, a renown philanthropist in person of Hon Abdulkarim Usman Isah Wambai member representing Lokoja/Koto Federal Constituency, I can authoritatively say it's a plus to us all in the ship of Wambaism and as a silent observer who is not carried away by smear of sentiment, I'm optimistic that we are going to stand taller and In Sha Allah we shall surprise them in maintaining the table.

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However, what's expected of us now as we prepare for the defense is that the onus squarely lies on us this time, not only the coated men and women but all and sundries in an intensive prayers just to safeguard the people's mandate. This is to suffice to the fact that when you are beautiful or handsome, persistent bathing is as well important in one's outings hence our unbend position.

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By way of encomium, the Osuku born legal legend and hopeful SAN in days to come by His grace with his team ably led by our own fresh blooded SAN Suleiman, a position attain at this point adjudged by many to be a blessing to wambaism disguise, will not come out with nothing less than the best of all best. Hence the solitary music an old woman knows how to dance well, will always match with the rhythm of the tune no matter the angle you choose to interpret her old dancing legs.

May Bar. Osuku, his well posited team and Wambaism succeed inspite of any open and hidden gang up!!

By Usman Aliu

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