No Reason is Enough to justify the Mindless Attack On Sen Ekweremmadu. Plus a Message To Nnamdi Kanu? - Chidi Cali


While I appreciate the fact that our politicians contributed in no small way to the rot and abject poverty in the land, however, the ignoble blind attack on Ekweremmadu who on many instances is an exceptional case in this regards is ridiculous.

While I see the actions of the ‘German’ mobs and their supporters as a product of ignorance, nativity, cognitive dysfunctional and societal detached mentality of folks who has made no effort to understand and appraise the activities and efforts of those charged with governance but rely on street gossips.

As far as Ndi igbo are concerned, Sen Ekweremmadu excelled the minimum expectation required from an average lawmaker. He represents only Aninri, Awgwu, Ezeagu, Oji-River, and Udi LGAs in Enugu state not the whole of the South East. You have your own Senator, how many times have you called him to order, violently or civil?
Ekweremadu has championed every agenda that relates to Ndi Igbo with no drama or trying to be cosmetic.

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I don’t sing praises of anyone, but can attest that Ekweremmadu is one of the best Igbo first Eleven at the National Assembly. Call him at 1am about issue concerning Ndi igbo, he will answer you without grudge and promise to get back as promised on actions taken to tackle the concern within hours and give you contacts to enquire more on the development. This was why his people called him IKEOHA (the strength of his people or public).

The excuse that the senator wore a Nigerian coat of arm embedded Isi Agu (Igbo attire) is not only stupid but a no brainier as majority of these coward were wearing English attires including jeans, even babariga and Europe made shoes.

Whatever this attire nonsense is, Who arrogate them with the role of being the custodian of Igbo culture? Those ignorant folks forgot that it was IRI JI festival that they attended not a brawling competition. Iri Iji according to Igbo culture, is a kperiod of REST, HARVEST AND RECONCILIATION and they should have known better.
Lastly on the personal capacity of these folks, how many petitions, protests, media write-up/publications or empowerment have they engaged in, in their small communities to give them the audacity to attack people based on their ill-judgement? Your guess is as good as my answer.

On Nnamdi Kanu, I think he should have known better too, not to have joined in supporting the mob action against Ekweremmadu. A man that rose to his support when it was unpopular to do that.
I guess his legal team that I spoke to during his ordeal and supporters did not honestly brief him on the campaigns for his release, how the bail was agreed on, even before the terms were brought to the court as Bail Conditions.

[This picture was taken in Ekweremmadu’s house after Nnamdi Kanu’s release from the illegal detention]. What went Wrong after, that the man that has been fighting for his people will be subjected to this level of ridicule in a foreign land.

Real igbo man do not bath naked in public, whatever reason, that is why I will not go into specifics, as the unity of Ndi igbo Must Not be mortgaged by this ill-conceived action.

Beating wicked politicians is not bad, but attacking a wrong man is cruel. Although he he has some flaws, Ekweremmadu depicts what a good representative should be. - Chidi Cali.


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