The beauty of any leadership skills lies heavily on the inherent qualities of that much talk about personality that God put or bestowed the 'Cap' on and manner at which such trait manifest itself for the betterment of the downtrodden.

Hon. Abdulkarim Isa Usman Wambai member representing Lokoja/Koto Federal constituency at the Green chamber as known, was before now famous in the trait of outstanding leadership quality directed to better the lots of the poorest of the poor masses in his immediate constituency and beyond.

This claim and assertion is not far from his numerous achievement that has stand him taller than his contemporaries even before he divinely decided to join politics by extension, a means to come closer to his constituents as a graded people's servant.

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Wambai as he's fondly call, has contributed tremendously virtually in all aspect of human endeavor, ranging from health, infrastructure, social, security, community development, employment opportunities, welfarism, more importantly peace advocacy and in cumulative of a unified society he find himself.

Perhaps, those inherent or better put, inbuilt and silent gift of his laid the formidable foundation of his widely acceptance by all and sundries which has further metamorphose his victory during the last unopposed primary and general election respectively.

Unarguable to the fact that this attributes can be best juxtapose as GYB/APC affirmation which come as an ambassador of 'tears wiper' to the good people of Lokoja/Koto Federal Constituency. This again show that GYB has indeed made a right choice and his support to the people's legislator is the best ever. Expectantly, when the eyes shed with tears the nostrils usually follow.

Concisely put, Wambai will do everything humanly possible to pay back with the best coins, because to whom much is given more is expected in return.

Hitherto, the much heartfelt leadership and philanthropic vacuum the constituency was yearning for is now replicated and replenished as the silent achiever put on the much respected and fitted shoe---Wambai is the best hand that is timely fitted to prick the much expected nose.

As many chooses to likened him as God's sent agents and the talk and do legislator, the recent, separate and fulfilled meeting with the stakeholders of Lokoja/Koto depicts his disposition and preparation to clear the storming pains therein.

In one of his recent one on one chat with his constituents, his unanimous voice is clear and loud on his mission to better the constituency than money making galore, a vision many can testify viewing his blessed hands in business as already prosperous entrepreneur with Allah's blessings. In other words, the bar of enhanced development in the ancient constituency will be adjudged the best ever.

Just as the say goes, the best means to end a journey is to start early certainly, Wambai of all people has started very early as expected, depicting his resolve to pay back his widely acceptance slogan that echoed through the campaign era "Sai Wambai"

Sequel to the popular slogan of a tree cannot make the forest, it's high time we rally round him with steadfastness, prayer, guidance and heeds that will morally sail him through in the hurdles ahead.

May Wambai Succeed in the envisaging task ahead of him.

By Ali Usman


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