Bassa Says Turunku Stool Has Legal Credence, but lives in Abuja instead of Nasarawa by Jibril Usman


Bassas say Turunku Chiefdom has legal credence but why are they not residing in Nasarawa State but Abuja?👇👇👇 As reported by Usman Jibril

Bassa said this via a press statement my Bassa cultural and development union (bcdu) dated 9th August 2018.

Jubril Usman report read;

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"our reaction on the text of press briefing by egbura national development association (enda) on the reported promise by gov. al- makura to create a chiefdom for bassa out of egbura land.

9TH AUGUST 2018.

The attention of the Bassa Cultural and Development Union (BCDU) has been drawn to a piece in circulation in the social media and/or print media on the above captioned subject matter purportedly made by the umbrella body of the Egburas; Egbura National Development Association (ENDA) and signed by the duo of Professors Ibrahim Aguye and Yusuf Aboki as President and General Secretary respectively.

Ordinarily, as informed and refined gentlemen, our first attitude to the said write up by ENDA is to not glorify the rather ill-informed, unfortunate and lame commentary with a response. However, given that ENDA has continually carved itself a niche in the realm of misrepresentation and falsification of facts, we deem it necessary to respond even at the risk of according the fabric of lies some undeserved importance especially as this involves the history of the Bassas and posterity may not forgive us if we refuse to put the narrative in proper perspective.

As the saying goes, until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter, this piece is designed to properly inform the general public who may otherwise be hoodwinked to stick to the self-serving narrative of ENDA.

Over time, we have had to endure various nefarious allegations by ENDA for the sake of peace. However, our disposition have earned us nothing from ENDA and its members-Egburas, than being treated with disdain or even seen as weaklings. Today they have not only continued their expression and execution of hate against the Bassa people but have now advanced their cause by including His Excellency, Gov. Umaru Tanko Al-Makura in their cheap and rather unfortunate blackmail. It is sad that despite concerted efforts by His Excellency to bring about peace and peaceful coexistence among the people of Nasarawa State and especially the people of Toto Local Government Area, ENDA and its members have continued to frustrate the peace efforts.

For the records, there is no gainsaying that the purported postulation by ENDA that His Excellency Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura vowed to “create” a chiefdom for the Bassa people out of Egbura land is not surprising. If anything, it fits into the narrative of the Egburas that they are hosting the Bassa. Indeed, it is this grandstanding and superiority complex being suffered by the Egburas that accounts for much of the crises that has befallen Toto Local Government for years unending.

Today, Turunku chiefdom is now the subject of blackmail against His Excellency Gov. Tanko Al-Makura simply because His Excellency has opted to discharge his official responsibility in according Turunku Chiefdom its rightful place among its contemporary chiefdoms in Toto Local Government Area as is obtainable in other parts of Nasarawa State. That this well intended agenda of His Excellency has now become the subject of mischief by ENDA is worrisome, to say the least. BCDU would however not allow ENDA in their desperation to blackmail His Excellency and rubbish his long standing enviable feat of trying to restore peace in an area that has been overtaken by clashes fueled by the Egburas.

Turunku chiefdom is no creation of his Excellency. On the contrary, it is a traditional stool that is traditionally rooted and given legal credence like every other traditional chiefdom both in Nasarawa State and especially Toto Local Government Area on the 28th December 1998.

To further underscore the existence of this chiefdom and due recognition by the government as it is the case of other chiefdoms, on the 4th September 2002, the office of the Commissioner, Ministry For Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs issued a circular with reference No. MLGCA/S/CH/15/V.III/205 where the government approved the upgrading of chieftaincy institutions in Nasarawa state as follows:

Karu Chiefdom – 2nd Class to 1st class
Opanda Chiefdom – 2nd class to 1st class
Karshi Chiefdom – 3rd class to 2nd class
Toni Chiefdom – 3rd class to 2nd class
Migili Chiefdom – 3rd class to 2nd class
Gade Chiefdom – 3rd class to 2nd class
Toto Chiefdom – 3rd class to 2nd class
Edege Chiefdom - 3rd class to 2nd class
Mama Chiefdom – 3rd class to 2nd class
Azara Chiefdom – 3rd class to 2nd class
Yeskwa Chiefdom – 3rd class to 2nd class
Turunku Chiefdom 3rd class to 2nd class.

It is rather befuddling where ENDA derives its information to claim that His Excellency vows to “create” Turunku chiefdom from Egbura land. The same instrument that upgraded Opanda chiefdom from a 2nd class status to a 1st class status which the Egburas are enjoying today is the same instrument that upgraded Turunku chiefdom from 3rd class status to 2nd class status which they are fighting tooth and nail to extinct, God will not allow it. These are verifiable facts not fiction.
As can be seen, what His Excellency seeks to do is to give effect to an existing institution – Turunku Chiefdom, and not to “create” Turunku Chiefdom as mischievously propagated by ENDA.

The desire of the Egburas to see that the Bassas continue to remain without a chiefdom have now subjected them to blackmailing His Excellency, Gov. Tank Al- Makura when all His Excellency is doing is righting the deliberate wrong done to the Bassa people over the years.

Thankfully, we are confident that His Excellency can neither be cajoled nor hoodwinked into buying their hateful antics not even the fallacious sentiments being whipped up against the Bassas by the false claim that the Bassas abandoned his Excellency during elections.

We wish to implore ENDA to prevail on its members to allow peace to reign, especially the duo of Professors Ibrahim Aguye and Yusuf Aboki to turn a new leaf, respect the status of their individual professions and show some level of decorum; be true ambassadors rather than engaging in the persistent degrading of the revered status of professorship having now willfully accorded themselves with the status of legendary mischief makers, ambassadors and patrons of deceit meant only to score cheap tribal bigotry goal.

As a body, despite the sustained killings of our people, we have confidence in the government and trust that measures already taken will be sustained and further drastic and appropriate measures will be taken to end this senseless killing of our people and peace would return in our land while final steps are also been taken for the realization of the Turunku Chiefdom and immediate return of our people to their various communities.

We shall continue to stress here that we are peace loving people and will do all that it takes to help the government in ensuring that lasting peace is restored in the Local Government Area.
May God restore peace to our Land.
Long Live Bassa Nation!
Long Live BCDU!!
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Thank you all.


Gwatana Huleji Dogwo, Natl Secretary

Barr Yusuf H. Wodi, Natl President. Shame on Egbura nation.


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