Salary Alerts and the Agony of Debt and Death in Kogi State


Why Governor Bello must Go

[By Alison Ibraheem]

I am very happy that workers in Kogi state are getting multiple salary alerts! It is what we have been fight for.

But to the data boys and overleaous supporters of wickedness and mediocrity, do not overhype the latest payment of salaries and do not emphasise the size of it. Have some decency, can you?

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First, the alerts are not handouts to the workers, it is not dash. They worked hard for it all those months so it's their entitlements.

Second, that the alerts are multiple is not something to celebrate but something to be ashamed of. If your god paid salaries promptly after all the huge funds the state received, the alerts won't be more than ONE as it it supposed to be in the first place.

If you ask the workers today: would you prefer multiple alerts after several months of hell or just ONE alert that comes in at the end of every month? They will immediately jump at the option of receiving one prompt salary alert at the end of month!

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Do you have any idea the hell they and members of their family went through all those months without pay?

Do you know how much their health has suffered because they couldn't afford hospital bills or even to just buy drugs from the pharmacy down the street???

Do you know how many days and nights they and they family went to bed on hungry on empty stomachs???

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Do you have any idea how much humiliation they and their children have suffered because they couldn't pay school fees???

Do you know their embarrassment they suffered from having to always buy things on credit every time???

Do you have any idea idea the indignity they have suffered having to beg people for money and food so they and their families could survive???

Do you have any idea how many workers and pensioners have died because their salaries/pensions were not paid???

Do you have any idea how much (if any at all) would be left in their bank accounts after they pay the huge debts they are owing for all the months they they worked without receiving salaries???

Yes, they are receiving alerts but to them it's like receiving money you will not be able to spend because you have already spent it through credit and it might not even be enough to pay all your debts!

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And to others, they are no longer alive to even receive the salaries or pension any more!

And HAVE ALL THE WORKERS AND PENSIONERS BEEN PAID? State and local government workers!?!

Or are the hegemons in Lugard House wasting the N30.8b meant for workers on their selfish bid for reelection?

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