Deploying soldiers and other security agents to disrupt what I expect to be a peaceful and very lawful protest is undemocratic


If Sowore is detained for using the word 'revolution', are these people protesting at the National Stadium bearing arms? Why spray them with pepper and hot water?

In a democracy, the minority should be allowed to have their say, even though the majority may have their way.

A lot of people who wouldn't have paid any heed to the so-called #revolutionnow protest are beginning to listen more attentively, because of the response of the government to them. I bet you, if the government had ignored then, and at most provided them with policemen to ensure that the protest is not hijacked by miscreants, they would have had their protests peacefully, with less crowd, made speeches, from which I think the government may pick one or two things to adopt towards making its policy more friendly to the populace. The protest may have also helped the government to earn more legitimacy before the world.

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Today, the people are wondering if the government has something to hide. Why are they panicky about this protest? Is the government afraid that it has lost the support of the people, hence, sending out Stormtroopers to quell a peaceful and nonviolent protest while herdsmen and bandits have a field day across the nation?

Today, the security agenciesand aof course our President have made Sowore more popular than he could have become, if this was handled with more tact and restraint. Today, Sowore has become the poster boy of all suffering Nigerians and if care is not taken, he would be made more popular than the President himself.

We keep making the same mistakes all the time. Like Wole Soyinka observed, it's all a sad deja Vu. Haven't we learnt from the mistakes we made in the handling of Nnamdi Kanu? We should be able to learn that a government, no matter how powerful will never win a war against its people. Let those whose voices can be heard speak to the President, that these reactions precipitates something worse for this nation.


By Jones FCC


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