Comr Ameh Williams, The Fearless, Dogged Fighter, Humble, Capacity, Character And Committed Leading Leader Of The Political Cartel I Belong aka Kogi Cyber Warrior


Comr Ameh Williams, the great, is handsome, gifted with finest brains and Social Media Oracle, he is one of the very best I have met and love working with in Kogi State. He is tested, tried and proven beyond human imagination in addition he is exceeding expectations.

He is courageous, brave, smart, committed and hardworking, he was able to make the job very easy for his fellow colleagues from 21 LGAs of the State.

He is the founder of the Special Adviser Media Forum To 21 LGAs Chiefs Administrators in Kogi State, a forum established to bring the beauty images in the New Direction administration led by the divinely and courageous youthful and useful Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello.

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Apart from being the head of the forum, he is also the Special Adviser Media and Publicity to Hon. Adejo N. Friday the Chief Executive and Chief Administrator of Olamoboro LGA, same LGA the present Chief of Staff to Kogi State government hailed from.

Williams's encompassing leadership and coordination in the situation room is touching, balance and encouraging.

Keep up the good work my humble and indefatigable leading coordinator.

May the Almighty God continue to increase you in requisite knowledg protect, guide, grant you long life and prosperity as you continue to lead our forum of SA Media to LGAs Administrators

Thanks you once more!

Comr Yahaya Idris,
SA, Media and ICT to Kogi LGA Chief Administrator



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