Since the death of Alassan Dio Egbura Koto lost cultural value Urgent need of Egbura leaders to come together


Alhassan Dio, blessed memory shall remain in the heart of all Egbura koto who love his people.

Alhasan Dio a man who is not a Paramount ruler, neither a chief, but performed more than the kings, he restored the lost Glory of Egbura land, he makes sure he die so that we all Egbura can leave in peace.

Who can remembered the discipline he melted across all Egbura land.

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When his was alive, Times before now, Egbura koto people were know to be hard working people, people which has a great respect for their culture and so cemented to the ethics of the religion of their Father.

In Egbura Koto land before now criminalities, prostitution, abortion, smoking and drinking was regarded as a taboo, of which if anyone found in those mess, both him/her and the family will suffer the stigmatization from the societies, and a severe punishment is assigned to the culprit.

I vividly remembered 1999 to 2003 before his dead we are all united together as one Egbura people, if anyone commit an offence he will drive down to community and make sure the person is punished accordingly.

Now things has turn around, Egbura Koto son is free to smoke without hiding, Egbura koto is doing prostitution without shame, kidnapping our own brother because of money, Egbura Koto is stealing without shames, the worst of it all is that Egbura koto now kill their own brother for unexplainably reasons.

Where have we got it wrong? Our enemies are laughing at us.

On this note, their is need for all Egbura koto Paramount rulers to summoned emergency meeting among themselves, in other to restore our lost glory, before it totally get out of hand.

Remember when an evil has stay long in the societies, the younger generation will see it as a culture.

I pray that will not happen to us

Long lives Nigeria, long live Kogi State, Long Live Egbura Koto peoples.

Love you all

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